Thread: i can't install the game!

i can't install the game!

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    i can't install the game!

    hi all, i have tried to install the game, but an error message appear sayng CRC problem occured, and the installation fail..someone know how to resolve this? thx

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    What is the error message exactly? What are your comp specs?

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    It looks like the DVD of psb is broken or your dvd rom. Try getting the DVD replaced and see if it works if that didnt work try using another dvd rom.

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    I dont understand your last post, but a CRC problem is caused by either a corrupt file on the DVD, or the DVD is not being read properly. In the latter case you could try cleaning the disk or copy the files to a directory on your HD and see if it will install from there (it might not for security reasons), in the first case it is possible rarely to get a corrupt file on mass produced DVD or CD in which case a replacement disk should not be a problem, I have had a bad disk replaced by a retailer once, they tried it and found the exact same problem, CRC errors, swapped disks and everything was fine.

    hope you can sort it out.

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    CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check, usually happens to downloaded files that got corrupted, but can happen to any zip or compressed install file such as those found on disks for installing games.

    If you downloaded, try downloading it again, if you bought the disk get it replaced.

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    I h'v already surface this problem again and again( CRC problem occured). tell me how i run away from this damn.

    hey why you loughing on my problem shame on you.