Thread: Freelancers looking for a clan

Freelancers looking for a clan

  1. I'm looking for an Criminal clan. PS2 owner here. You can hit my AIM @ (SoopaMan2K5).
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    If you want to adress one single person use the PM feature.

    Furthermore this thread is for people looking for a clan, not for advertising, there's a seperate sticky for that.

    The only posts that go here are people looking for a clan, if you want someone to join your clan after reading their details you can PM them or use the methods they've listed.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    To everyone else

    I deleted over 30+ posts of this thread that had nothing to do with the original intention of the thread. This thread is for posting your info only. If you want that people to join your clan you contact him/her via PM/e-mail or whatever manner he/she has listed. Everything else does not belong in here. No chit chat no ok, I'll contact you, no nothing. This is in order to keep this thread clean. I'll be monitoring this thread closely so that the clan leaders looking for recruits can find them easely.

    Oh and don't respond with an ok that's useless too

    Thanks for your cooperation,

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    Heres a tip and a suggestion: DONT SAY I want to join a cop or criminal clan because theres NO such thing. Im sure people dont want to recruit people who dont know how the game works

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    im look in for a clan one thats stright up bout takein everone ealse out toe tagin people ps2 XxLuny T0onSxX thats my s/n

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    Originally Posted by Killa_Marr
    I am one the best Ps2 online shooting game players to me.... im not bragging u want to see me im current playing Delta Force Black Hwak Down(PS2) Come get owned. but in the mean time i need a clan for this.
    i dought ur the best ps2 online shooting dude... lol bhd is also my fav game.. ill poon u on it

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    Only The Best Need Apply

    ps2 socom us navy seal 1-3 / expert in demolitions/suppression/weapons tactics/CQC
    If interested contact me via comm through socom3 /call sign is wetsuit

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    Im a freelancer looking for a kickass clan for PS2. Ive played Socom 1,2,and 3. Hit me up on AIM or email me at

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    hey im down i got a ps2

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    Question looking for clan

    Looking for a clan for Ps2 version
    i play socom and socom 2 and i played the beta test for socom 3 but i did not buy the game..i am still waiting for this one
    oh yeah and yes i am a girl

    reach me at AIM:JerzChicWitGame
    :mad: "Talk slick, you get your neck slit quick/ Cause real street *****z ain't havin that $hit"-Notorious B.I.G. :mad:


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    Im looking for a clan on the PC the type of player that plays for fun until i get pissed...and for clan colors i mainly want black and whatever so if thats your

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    I am looking to join a clan for xbox. I would prefer to play as a cop but I understand you can't choose.

    you can either IM me on here or my email.

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    Im currently looking for a clan to join it does not have to be the best clan or the worst just a clan that I can join to grow and get better.

    A little about me:
    I use to play Socom 2 alot but ever since I saw 25 To Life I lost interest in Socom 2. Im pretty good at FPS's and games like Socom I'll have my days where I can do really good one day and the next day I can do average. It depends on what kind of mood Im in and how I feel.
    I've been playing Maple Story to get my mind off 25 To Life also been playing other 3rd person shooters on my ps2 to keep me from getting rusty.
    Hopefully I can join some type of clan whether it be a Criminal clan or Cops clan it dosent matter to me.

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    Theres no such thing as a cop/criminal clan .

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    Cool yo i cant wait

    Yo I cant wait 4 this game been waiting since first date.But Im a DETROITER who needs a clan 4 ps2 version let me know whats up . email :

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    Hey i am a free lancer looking for a fun clan or bunch of people to play with. Im a PS2 player, and may get it on PC

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    hi simo from australia pc I am in

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    Big Grin I Want A Clan


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    [mod edit]

    No no no, this thread is for freelancers who are looking for a clan not for advertising your clan. The clan listing thread serves that purpose provide you make only one post (you can update your post with information via the edit button) and just that.

    [/mod edit]

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    yeah i'm looking for a clan. . .i don't want to join the one's with fruity names like thuggin this,or gangster that. . please have an original clan name
    System: xbox
    E mail<<<<it's a zero -0- not an -o-
    also if you email me please put in the subject clan so i don't delete it thanks.

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    410 Boyz

    Clan listing is in the other thread

    /mod edit

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    Hi, I'm looking to join an experienced and teamwork based clan...I have been a member of several no.1 clans in different games...I'm looking to get into 25 To Life competitively on the PS2...please contact me through either e-mail at or you can use the MSN messenger at the same address or you can also AIM me at G0HTKR3AM

    LET'S KILL SOME PIGS!!! haha

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    i have ps2,my 25tl screen name is ]-[OBOKEN21
    you can reach me by AIM my sn is thehobkidd,but if you add me to you buddy list and it says im not signed on,that means im playing 25tl.because even if im sleeping i'll leave my AIM signed just message me if im on,if not just send me a friend invite.

    i do have a headset,i used to play socom 2,some socom 3,with the same name as 25tl one.but on socom 2 i would also go on the international server,my name was HOB#CDD >NIG< you might of heard of my infamous NIG clan that i made up,we were pretty deep on that server.we used to cause HAVOC,so get at me if you have a clan and play a lot.i'm looking for a clan thats gonna have people on,and not just a list full of offline people.alright later.
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    Clan recruitment

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    Should be posted in clan listing instead

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    Online name: Nova2k
    Rank @ Time of posting: 37th
    System: PS2

    Send me a private message on here.

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