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Thread: Freelancers looking for a clan

Freelancers looking for a clan

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    Freelancers looking for a clan


    If you're looking for a clan please introduce yourself here and make sure you include the following:

    - system (ps2, xbox, pc)
    - how clanleaders can contact you eg.: e-mail, IM,..
    - keep the following in mind:

    Originally Posted by J-Hood
    Heres a tip and a suggestion: DONT SAY I want to join a cop or criminal clan because theres NO such thing. Im sure people dont want to recruit people who dont know how the game works

    To everyone

    I deleted over 30+ posts of this thread that had nothing to do with the original intention of the thread. This thread is for posting your info only. If you want that people to join your clan you contact him/her via PM/e-mail or whatever manner he/she has listed. Everything else does not belong in here. No chit chat no ok, I'll contact you, no nothing. This is in order to keep this thread clean. I'll be monitoring this thread closely so that the clan leaders looking for recruits can find them easely.

    Oh and don't respond with an ok that's useless too

    Thanks for your cooperation,

  2. im interested in joining a clan.....PS2 here

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    looking for a clan xbox, cops please. Or just a group of people to play with.

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    Im looking to join a cop clan for X-box . Im in the southwest part of the U.S
    X-box tag FI SuPrEmAcY

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    Hey im up for a gang clan most likelly pc but mayb x-box

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    PLUSANDRES my xbox tag no speaker send a message if want me in your clan both cop and gangsta

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    just to clear something up, there wont be COP/GANGSTER clans, just like there were no SEAL/TERRORIST clans in socom

    both sides will be played
    <HiT> _casper_

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    I'll be playing on PC most likely. I hear though that most players will end up playing both sides as their IS a autobalance going on. But I think my perfered will be cop. Though I had a cool idea for a wanna be ninja type gangsters. You must wear all black and try to look as ninja like as possible. If their is a hood with a scraf around your face you definitly need to wear that and have it be black. Need to use Machettes or the most sword like appropiate weapon in melee. Anything else is your descretion.:-p Sounds funny to me. A bunch of wanna be ninja gangsta's. lol

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    I'll join

    AIM: xxxxdaballaxxxx

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    i would like to join a clan wen i get the game....PS2 straight up

    AIM: GiNo7104

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    looking 4 a gangsta clan

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    <HiT> _casper_

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    Yeah if you join a game before it starts you can choose your side, but little good that will do you in rooms that have alternating teams. Almost all BT games were alternating (so they coudln't complain about us using once sides advantage/disadvantage).

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    Looking For cLan

    I am one the best Ps2 online shooting game players to me.... im not bragging u want to see me im current playing Delta Force Black Hwak Down(PS2) Come get owned. but in the mean time i need a clan for this.

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    yeah i wanna join a clan hit me up bhddipset i amde a clan in bhd went 15-1 in socom my dubz were ranked 4 nd 9

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    yo hit me up with a offer

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    LILhOMie14 Guest

    now!!! my clan fell apart

    i need a clan now my

    ya i most likely wanna play in a gangsta clan

    all u gys r sayn u cant pick ur side but if u make a gangsta 4 online play >like u can 4sho< ur gonna play as the gangsta u made on tha cop side??? don make sense jus my opinion

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    what up everyone. I'll be clanless hit me up on AIM with some offers.

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    yo whatsup wit mah crew??? we dead...where yall msa at? man im out just like vizzion

    lookin for a new crew holla at ma yall...

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    yea man, gimme a shout, im gonna play this on gamertag is haslettballer...

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    playing on the PS2

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    im going 2 play on pc and ps2 so if theres any SERIOUS clans started already give pm me...i do want a ganster clan(and dear god i know you have to play as both)

    ok but if your clans not serious dont even 2 day bull noobcake clans

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    im on ps2 yo already got a clan name yo just pm me anybody

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    Im interested in joining a clan (XBOX), AIM: Wackyjoker637

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    Hey i am a free lancer looking for a fun clan or bunch of people to play with. Im a PS2 player. If anything my S3 clan will transfer over and ill have them but in case some people are looking for some new players i would like to join hit my AIM= h0mMiE dA KlOwN S3= Agent-Nerd or -.Arsenal.- or email=

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