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Thread: Clan listing

Clan listing

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    Exclamation Urban Guerillaz

    Urban Guerillaz [*uG]


    Urban Guerillaz website

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    im making a clan

    hey all you free's if u want u can join my thug gang...its a blood gang red on tha tip 4reelz homez!
    oh yea..its for tha ps2!!

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    YO i got a new clan for the PC its called MR (Making Revolution) so who evers ready to have a revolution or be an revolutionary hit me up

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    yo i want in your clan do you guys offer tryouts send me a friend invite 40..CAL im on about every day jus about
    Originally Posted by Dipset_Byrdgang
    Our Clan Site:

    --Name: *Diplomatic Blood Set
    --System: PS2
    --Turf:N/A (should have some tomorow)
    --Tag: Dipset or Dips
    --Colors: Red Blue Black White

    --Wear your colors at all times
    --Have DBS in name Example: [DBS]unknown

    Requirements to Join
    --Must have a PS2
    --Must have PS2 Online
    --Stay Active
    --Respect all members
    --A headset (OPTIONAL)

    --Respect fellow Diplomats
    --Always atleast one of our colors
    --No prejudice/ignorance
    --no wannabees(this is video not a thug)

    Things That Can Get You Kicked Out:
    --Shooting a fellow dip
    --Dissing a fellow dip
    --Not doing what your told
    --Not being active
    --Not wearing colors

    AIM: DipByrd

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    <tsu> & <ts,>

    Top Sniper Unit And Trap Stars Is Looking For Good Members And Ones Who Can Play Almost Every Day On PS2. If You Wanna TryOut Or Talk Goto Our Clan Websites and

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    I'm making a clan called B.I.B. Which stands for BOYZ IN BLUE. THE GANG WONT BE ONLINE FOR AWHILE. If yall want in U gotta have something BLUE ON!! & NO RED AT ALL CUZ . My homie K is making a rival clan wear'n all red. O YA U GOTTA BE A GANGSTER NO COPS DATS REAL TALK!

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    Juggalos And Juggaletettes

    I Made A Clan For Juggalos And Juggalettes Its Called Dark Lotuz if you want to join email me at and this is for ps2 MMFWCL

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    Cool CoF clan

    Clan Of friends <CoF>

    Clan site (Stil under construction

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    Im making a clan XX2 I am recruiting only about 10 people So tell me if you want to join on PS2.

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