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Shifter Mod

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    Originally Posted by Grimples
    Will Zodiac & Redsun work with Shifter. I know this has probably been asked but i cannot find it.

    I got it working.

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    Thanks for your reply, Yuki. I just wanted to let you know that I've read it, and to thank you for your time and attention.

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    hey kinda old this thread, but in the readme you said to post suggestion/email them, well i decided to post them all up here (i register jsut to do this)

    i wish i could code to let all my weird ideas appear in a game

    the discarding effect for other weapons like pistols (at having the magnum etc) im tired of dropping thousands of pistols

    an bonus for using melee weapons (it should be rewarded for going toe on toe as it is for picking someones brain a mile away)

    Skill points for using nanotools and lockpicks, or as an better idea each use of these tools lower the cost needed to upgrade

    Can you populate the levels with more enemys? (even if im gone through realistic for each ending ramboing and stealthing i still like to rambo through hard sometimes, but theyre all killed to quick)

    Carters Stealth pistol
    works underwater, has a slight greater range, clip, damage and inbuilt laser but a slower rof then the standard stealth pistol, like lo bruto but from someone made who knows his job (all mods work, could be accesible when carter opens the store or at vandenberg)

    Heavy machine gun
    like the assault rifle but fires slower (around 6-7 shots) and uses 10mm ammo, is less accurate

    the nanosword not using 4 slots only 1 because its always building up the blade at equipping it, it seems more logical to me, sometimes i dislike balancing reasons
    (maybe a nanoword2? well hiden around hks uc or in the oceanlab)

    Assault rifles secondary fires a 20mm, switching ammo swithces between different grenade types

    Weapon Mods
    Damage - increases the damage by a bit for each gun and melee weapon

    poison nanobots, allows all melee weapons to act like the toxin blade, can be a few times applied to increase poison dmg

    Make the clip and range(improves darts speed) mod work with the minibow

    adding scope to scoped weapons gradually improves the scope up to level4 enhanced vision

    for bullet guns except 756
    rubber bullets (they stun instead of kill but less dmg)
    Poison dipped bullets (like tranq darts)
    Incendiary bullets (like flare darts, keke burn * burn

    Napalm grenades (not as powerfull as the throwers secondary)

    Teargas, emp, scrambler and napalm 20mm grenades

    emp and scrambler darts

    Wired reflexes, when active improves reload time, belt switching, accuracy and maybe grenade throw range/speed, this is for the arms

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    Shifter 1.7.2.

    There's a bug-or-something with General "Mr." Carter if you didn't kill anybody during the first two missions. I tried it that way again cause you promised it would be recognized - and so it is, thank you very much. Nice speeches I never heard before. So, normally he would give you a weapon-mod, some tools and announces to give you some ammo too, as soon as you report of your killing-spree he'll retreat from the promised ammo. But if you complain about Anna's bloodlust he'll add some more ammo, nice - if you're not full of 7.62. I've thrown almost everything away, but that won't work with ammo, it's dead end, as soon as you exit the inventory he'll interupt. The only way solving this right now seems to empty two clips before going there (don't try this in front of Mr. General).

    btw. JC is still picking up bull like pistols, knifes, crowbars. Could you please prevent these from auto-looting if the player uses LoBruto and BlackJack as I and *many* other players do..??

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    Big Grin

    For anyone who cares, 1.8 final was released about 10 days ago:

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    Apr 2008
    i just installed 1.8.1 Shifter, how can i play the Unrealistic difficulty? if i want start a new game, i just have the regular options.

    Ok, problem solved: just rightclick on realistic difficulty, it turns unrealistic then.

    but another topic: how can i deactivate this annoying dodge? i died several times because of this.

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    i just installed 1.8.1 Shifter
    Me too

    Now I have a slight lam/planted mine defusing problem - they explode right in my face, even in the training level. Does anyone have a suggestion which line I should alter to restore "normal" behavior? On the other hand, that's not too bad...

    My suggestion (to make things more complicated) :
    * Make an installer version which lets the user decide which modifications to "install" (or use more comments in the modified files, Linux syle...)

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    I have a problem. I switched the original Deus Ex.u and Deus With The Shifter 1.8.1 Deus Ex.u and Deus but when I go to start up my game, it says that I must have the cd in to play the game when the Deus Ex cd WAS in. It never did this with normal Deus Ex. Does anyone know what's wrong?

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    Hi Dwake007.

    Open your DeusEx.ini file located in .../Deus Ex/System, and find the line starting with CdPath, ie.

    (or whatever)

    and change it so it reads like


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    Originally Posted by Soulfang
    I keep getting critical errors when i try to run the game with shifter 1.5.1 installed.
    I've heard reports of this. Each time the error meant that somehow the v1112fm patch wasn't installed properly. Try reinstalling Deus Ex and the 1112fm patch. Make sure it's the multiplayer patch, not the singleplayer. Shifter has a modified Multiplayer game included, so you need to have the appropriate files updated to interact with it.
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    Thanks for this mod, it made me want to play Deus Ex again multiple times!

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