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Thread: Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster

Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster

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    Since a FFX Remaster is in the works, will a FFXII remake see the light of day? Personally, I thought that XII was far superior to FFX, and I would love to have a remastered port available on PS3.

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    It'd be nice. Obviously FFX HD needs to come out first but after that... perhaps for XII's 10th anniversary

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    Yep, I would love a XII HD remaster after FFX is done!

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    XII would look absolutely great upscaled. Walking around Rabanastre would be lovely.

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    I'd love one, especially if it were a remaster of the Zodiac Job System.

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    Yeah, we need FFX HD to become real first. Any then they might do FFX-2. I LOVE FFXII and would love to see it in HD.

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    I definitely wouldn't be against this. Considering that it's a game for the PS2 and its graphics, I don't think that it'd be much trouble either.

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    Any of the PS2 FF games getting remastered works for me, my PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility and my PS2 is a box of dust(my own fault really) and I'd like to play these games again.

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    It would be nice if we get an English HD FF12-IZJS

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    I would love to see XII remastered. It was a great game and I absolutely loved pretty much all of the lands. Especially Phon Coast. Seeing that in HD would be amazing!

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    Ahh my 2nd Final Fantasy game, what an experience it was. A HD version would be nice.

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    I'm assuming that this is probably inevitable at some point in the next few least, I very much want it to be! I really, really want portable versions of X-2 and XII for my Vita.

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    If they do a good job with Final Fantasy X HD remaster, Final Fantasy XII would follow up naturally. Just hope they don't take 5 years to make it...

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    eu acharia incrivel um remake do FFXII por que na minha opnião ele revoluionou o FF no caso de liberdade e mundo livre e seria otimo jogar ele novamente em HD mas claro que já que tudo tem seus defeitos ele infelizmente tambem tem seria uma boa dar uma revisada nele e depois lançalo novamente MASSSSS é a SQUARE que manda então vamos esperar ^^ se fizerm do FF10 ou FF7 ta bom tambem ^^

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    International Zodiac Job System?

    Sign me up.

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    Not sure about an HD Remaster for XII but there are now some rumors about a sequel (I don't mean Revenant Wings) to be made by the Eidos Montreal studio. Supposedly, it would take place one decade after the events of FFXII. I would like to hear a bit more regarding the validity of this. SO if someone here has heard something, please enlighten us!

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    Wow, this is my very first FF game I had ever played on the PS2. I want a ReMaster for it.

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    Yeah it would be lovely, I have the Collector's Edition of FFXII, I really liked how the gameplay was and I spent over 600+ hours on the game I loved it that much, it would be awesome to have it available on the PS3 and the PSV!

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    I think it'll be good for the game since the graphics are pretty ahead of its time, and they should definately make it a choice between normal and the international version. Though that would probably be hard..

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    i love FFXII and especially IZJS ,i would love to see an HD version with english for IZJS

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    I would like to see this game in HD, ah, the necrohol of nabudis. Ixion and seer battles would be fun to watch.

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    IF we get the International Zodiac Job System one, then totally i'm down for it... I loved this game so I'd totally play it again.

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    What is the International Zodiac Job System one?

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    yes, i'd buy it if they remaster the ZJS version of FFXII

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    Originally Posted by imported_Summoner

    What is the International Zodiac Job System one?

    It's incredible. Basically, instead of a shared License Board, you get 13 jobs to choose from once the LB becomes available and you assign each character a job class from that. Each has their own licenses and abilities. Other significant changes were made to MP, Mist Knacks, Eidolons and Guest Members, as well as the much-needed addition of a fast-forward button (for combat grinding; although most people play XII with only three characters, it's highly implied you level all six in IZJS).

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