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Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster

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    *facepalm* yes Yoshi, your accusation struck me, hence the defensiveness. Whatever version they would choose if they made an hd remaster wouldn't really matter, I would get it either way, realy hope SE go ahead and make one, that would be a day one buy on my part.

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    I wouldn't mind a HD remaster of FFXII. FFXII was one of the best-looking PS2 games imo, and I'd love to have it on the Vita as well.

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    Lol, You're basically off Syn. If it struck you you should stay quiet at all.

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    Originally Posted by YoshiKatYoko
    Lol, You're basically off Syn. If it struck you you should stay quiet at all.
    Lol,That doesnt even make sense o_O Anyway, I think someone out there already told you about telling people to "be quiet", its counterproductive you know

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    Syn & YoshlKatYoko - Both of your arguments are off topic with this subject, these threads are made to express each others opinions. You can obviously agree or disagree to eachothers opinions but don't make an argument over it, I just wouldn't want to see both of you reported for off topic discussion, if you have things like this to say then do it through private messaging please and thank you.

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    My apologies, I tried to keep getting back to topic(really) will do my best to refrain from diverting off topic in future.

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    Originally Posted by YoshiKatYoko

    SE won't do such thing as IZJS, they aren't making any HD Remaster with IZJS because it's Japaneses exclusive only.

    Square Enix would have to be an absolute fool to not release IZJS in an HD Collection. Literally every other HD Collection out right now includes the "best" version of their respective games (ICO had the PAL Multiplayer, MGS had Substance and Substinance Content, Silent Hill had Born From A Wish)

    They would certainly include it.

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    Reporting posts are only those who are misbehaving - not arguing.


    You should stop getting things in your way. Period.



    Are you even SURE? IZJS, X-2 international, and other spin-offs are . exclusive only. Games you mentioned having the best versions are all regional free, so US gets it. Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is a . exclusive game only, Tekken 6: BloodLine Rebellion Arcade has many features in the . and Kor. versions only, Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Accessories coming from Famitsu magazine is . exclusive only, and etc. That would certainly build up why Japanese gets the good stuffs always. Althought I really wanted to have IZJS on HD collection, it is possible, but would remain . language. I am playing IZJS with Eng. patch on my PS3, so that's one method already.

    I have a Last Mission + International for X-2 too :3

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    ^^ Dont understand what you mean by "getting things in your way", does not make sense to me in regard to what we where talking about. On the other hand, I thought you desliked the changes in IZJS, so isnt it kinda contradictory to your....... you know what its fine.

    @ Yoshi, you and I both would like an HD remake right?? I for one dont mind whatever version they decide to bring out, be it the Original(loved it) or IZJS(loved it too), as long as we hope to get an HD remake of FF XII and support it, we are basically agreeing to the fundamental message of this thread, lets leave it at that and support the game to have its HD remaster.

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    Don't make things go in your way of doing an act.

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    I think this is one of the FF games that is most deserving of a remastered HD version.

    It's not really the graphics I care about though.... The compressed and muffled voices was very disappointing and caused me to be slightly distracted from the dialog throughout the game.

    I'm hoping they still have an uncompressed version of the audio. It would be fantastic to hear all the characters without everyone sounding nasally.

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    Why is there not just a PS2 FF HD collection, like the Jak and Daxer trilogy. X, X-2, and XII? Hell I'd just be happy with X and XII

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    Hi everybody,

    I´m new on the forums, in fact I logged for the first time just to post on this thread, the reason: I love Final Fantasy XII.

    I´ve been playing Final Fantasy and other games for many years but Final Fantasy XII is ,by far, the game that fits my taste the most.

    Obviously I´d love to play an HD version of this game on my PS3 (IZJS would be just great! but the “original” version is Ok for me too&hellip

    I also have to say that lots of people I know think the same so…

    Give us the chance to play again this fantastic game SquareEnix!

    You´ll make us happy… and you´ll make some good gil too

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    Playing FFX HD in my PS Vita should be amazing! I hope for a remaster of FFXII IJZS! <3

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    Greetings! Oh MY! I will cry till i die if Final Fantasy XII HD were announced for Vita! I wouldn't mind being the Order Of Ambrosia once more![img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif[/img] As an Order Of Ambrosia Mark hunter i think i deserve my HD copy Of FF XII for ps3 or 360 Please! Square!? EDIT; FFXII director Yasumi Matsuno replied to me regarding my FFXII HD question that he unfortunately can't answer it because he retired from Squarenix.[img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cry.gif[/img] How you guys feel about it? Although he retired could there be any other possibility for this?

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    I would love to see the International Zodiac Job System. I still haven't ruled out modding my PS2 and trying out the English patched version. I really hope the Final Fantasy 10 HD remake is of the International version.

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    Final Fantasy II was the best game ever, hope they will do something with this title.

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    Okay, to add to my other post, Final Fantasy XII was exceptional in almost every way, (ie music, battle system, graphics).

    Square will have to create titles at this standard to get me to buy additional titles.

    For instance, I bouth XIII but not XIII-2 because I was disappointed wiht XIII. I don't plan to buy the Lightening title either.

    Would like to spend money on another SquareEnix Final Fantasy title but it needs to be be as good as XII.

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    I totally agree with Jim, I was disappointed with XIII and XIII-2, I think Square was trying to take the game in a new direction but they didnt succeed in my eyes. Final Fantasy was an open world exploration game that allowed you to build and train your characters to lethal extents, XII showed that open world and was a great mark in Final Fantasy history, also I think that it should be available for download on PSN, if Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto 3 can be available why cant FFX and XII two games that defined the entie PS2 lifetime

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    Would be nice if Square would listen it it's loyal fan base and not other sources (ie it's strategy group or consultants).

    Square has been successful so far because it has made a couple of quality FF titles, XII and VII, that it's fan base has really liked.

    Not sure why Square can't see this successful formula and build on it.

    My advice to Square's management is to create a block-buster FF title and then build on it. XIII was not a block buster title. Good but not at the level Square should be at on the current generation of platforms.

    Hey you North American guys, can you consolidate this and other FF posts, translate to Japanese and forward to the Senior Managers in Japan. I'm affraid they are getting this feedback.

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    And one more thing, why Hitman, Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs? Couldn't the developers time be better spent on titles that wow and amaze its fan base?

    Square has made several titles this year but I haven't bought any of them. And this for not for a lack of interest in RPG, especially Square's RPG.

    There was nothing that I was interested in.

    Doesn't Square want it's target market to be actively spending on its title.

    I'm affraid the only money and time I will be spend on a Square is the once a decaded FF title that actually measures up.

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    you're awesome, thats the only reason why I go on these forums, in hopes Square will listen to our cries. Majority still prefers Call of Duty or even Skyrim to a Final Fantasy game, I mean Bethesda slayed the RPG gameworld with that game. FFXII is the only game that came close to having an open world that big to explore, I mean I had hoped Square wouldve released a Skyrim type game before Bethesda and have been able to make that stamp on history. It was for their picking, FF Versus XIII couldve been that game but hell who says that it had to have been an FF at all

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    I would love for FFXII to me remastered. I would like to try out the Zodiac Job System as well. Lets hope it happens. I hated the battle system on the first playthru but then loved it on the second. I didn't know how to work the battle system until my brother showed me how to set up my gambits. When fighting the last boss on my first playthru, I would cast buffs manually instead of using the gambits, I feel really dumb now. I remember just holding down the circle button in final fantasy 7 during the battles so that all the characters would just attack. With FFXII it was nice to make them just do what they needed to do during battle, it beat pressing the circle button all the time.

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    If Square did something, anything with FFXII, I would pay.

    Question is whether Square wants more of my money. Haven't spent anything on XIII-2 or won't spend on Lighting Returns.

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    Is this line of thought real? Just want to say XII was just amazing.

    Can't stress enough that Square will get more of my money if they do something with this title.

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