Square has announced the July 2017 release of two FF XII The Zodiac Age special editions, the first will be a limited edition that offers a steelbook and a coupon code for the digital download of the in-game original soundtrack, the other one, the collector’s edition, will feature, in addition, a set of cards and five busts depicting the five judges magisters, plus a disc of Sakimoto’s music (content to be revealed).

They will be sold at 49.99 and 199.99 (!!!) USD respectively.

What are your thoughts about them?

I’m disappointed by both the prices and the content in itself.

No heavy and massive artbook, no interviews disc (like the -NA only- collector’s edition sold a decade ago), no statue like the one in The last guardian CE, no bookends, no character figure like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 CE…

And for five mini busts… 199.99 USD ?