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    Vagrant Story

    Hello SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS! how are you today everyone? I hope everything is just fine with you and all, you can always send friend requests or messeges to me at anytime and ask anything you want help with or to know about, you're always warmly welcome! ^_^

    In this thread, we're going to talk about a classic role-playing game, which is "Vagrant Story" from Square Enix (Square Soft), The game was released in 2000 for Sony PlayStation (PSone), it is also available on the PlayStation Network (Store). ^.^

    This is my review of "Vagrant Story" in the 5 main game elements: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Overall Rank Title. ^_^

    >.< !May Contain Spoilers! >.<

    1- Story: The plot of Vagrant Story, titled "The Phantom Pain", is presented as the prelude to the "story of the wanderer". Beginning in the Graylands, Ashley and Callo are sent by the VKP to Duke Bardorba's manor to investigate the Duke's involvement with Müllenkamp and the Cardinal's interest in Sydney Losstarot. Ashley infiltrates the manor and encounters Sydney, witnessing his powers first hand. Sydney escapes with his accomplice Hardin and the Duke's son Joshua, leaving Ashley with a clue to his whereabouts. This event was dubbed the "Graylands Incident". Ashley and Callo arrive in Leá Monde and a lone Ashley infiltrates the city through the underground wine cellars. Along the way, he learns of objects holding magical power known as Grimoires and the city's power to spawn the undead and mythological creatures. ^_^

    2- Graphics: The envioroments are in a very powerful 3D, it pushes the power of the (PSone) to the limit, everything's look is just fantastic with the visuals, level's background, objects, cutscenes and characters, they illustrated by Hiroshi Minagawa and Akihiko Yoshida. ^.^

    3- Sound: The sound effects are awesome and great, they're realistic to the ears, the noises of the wind blowing in dungeons and the voices of the monsters beyond your point is really scary, the music is super nice and it scored by Hitoshi Sakimoto. ^_^

    4- Gameplay: "Vagrant Story" is a solo dungeon crawl, in which the player controls Ashley Riot from a third-person perspective while exploring Leá Monde and the catacombs underneath. The player may also switch into first-person perspective to allow for a 360° view using the START button or right analog stick on the controller. Characters and sprites are proportionate with each other, and the player navigates Ashley on a three-dimensional field map. Navigation is in real-time, and areas accessed by the player are stored in an in-game map menu. Ashley can run, jump, and push crates and cubes to navigate around obstacles, adding puzzle and platforming elements to gameplay. During the game, the player must sometimes solve block puzzles to advance the story. When the player returns to a completed block puzzle room, a time-attack mode called "Evolve, or Die!!" begins. Players must reach the end of the room in the shortest time possible, after which they are ranked. This stage is optional and can be turned off from the menu. In the field map, players may engage the enemy as soon as they enter Battle Mode, which uses a pausable real-time combat system. In Battle Mode, when the player taps the attack button, a wire frame sphere appears around Ashley. Individual body parts within this sphere can be targeted. The battle system involves the player chaining different attacks known as Chain Abilities to achieve large combos and deal damage to the enemy. This is done by pressing buttons in timely succession, making combat resemble a rhythm game. In addition to Chain Abilities, Defensive Abilities allow Ashley to reduce or reflect damage or avoid status ailments. Ashley also gains Break Arts, which exchange his hit points (HP) for increased damage. Magic in this game is learned later in the game using Grimoires, items dropped by enemies. Once a Grimoire is used, the magic spell associated with the Grimoire will remain in the menu, and players only need to spend magic points (MP) to cast a learned spell. Magic spells can be used to attack, heal, create status effects, and manipulate Ashley's elemental and enemy affinities. Certain magic spells allow the player to affect multiple targets by using a small sphere positioned within the Battle Mode wire frame. Unlike physical attacks however, magic attacks cannot be chained. Risk is an essential element in the battle system. A Risk bar is placed below the HP and MP bar, representing the Risk Points the player has accumulated. Risk Points affect Ashley's concentration; the longer Ashley attacks a target, the more his Risk Point accumulates &mdash; lowering his accuracy and defenses. Chain and Defensive Abilities increase Risk faster than regular attacks, while Break Arts do not increase Risk at all. Enemy attacks and spells deal more damage if the player has high Risk. The advantage, however, is the higher chances for the player to score critical hits and restore higher HP. This game's crafting system allows the player to create and customize weapons and armor in designated "workshop" areas, inputting various ranges, strengths, and statistics. Weapons fall into one of three main damage types: blunt, piercing, and edged. Equipment are influenced by their material and affinity to enemy classes and elements. Affinities influence the effectiveness of weapons and armor; however, equipment might lose one form of affinity when it gains another type. Weapons and armor can be combined, merging their affinities and sometimes creating a new type of blade or armor in the process. Different weapon types have different ranges, such as a bow and arrow having a longer range than melee weapons such as a mace. The New Game Plus option is made available to the player upon first completing the game. In Vagrant Story, selecting "New Game+" enables the player to replay the story using their end-game weapons, items, and statistics instead of the defaults. This option allows players to access a hidden level, which features more intimidating enemies and more powerful equipment. The story does not change, and original enemy statistics will remain at default. ^.^

    5- Overall Rank Title: For me personally, that will be {LEGENDARY} ^.^ Here's a video:

    ^.^ This is the end of my review thread, thank you so much for reading and feel free to add your posts ^.^

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    I didn't read all the way through,but if you play multiple times,you become so powerful that you don't take any damage.I think I played through at least 20 something times.The only thing I wished, that they'd kept the series going up to the ps3.Its a solid game.So,c'mon SQUARE ENIX give us "VAGRANT STORY 2"thank you for listening.THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!

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    I've been having second thoughts about buying this game on PSN. Your review's pretty helpful.. Thanks.

    And so I'm buying it.

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    I love this game, this represents almost all of my childhood! can anybody tell me where to find or send me the blood sin image with high definition? Because I'm planning using it as a design for a tattoo! So this represents so much for me... I'll be glad of hearing from anyone who could help me Thx!

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    Now this is a game I wouldn't mind having a remake for. I have this on the PS1 and I loved this game! I need to replay it though since it has been so long. But you good sir have fueled my desire to play. I have to put it on my log of games to play again now.

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    why not a continuation of Vagrant Story..????

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    Hi Square. About Vagrant Story on PSN Brazil.

    I really love Square Games and buy many of them along my life. I play on my PSone the game Vagrant Story, and I really want to play it again. I discover recently that this game is on PSN USA, but when I ask about the possibility of put this game on PSN Brazil too, Sony inform me that the owner of the title is the only one that can do this.

    It's possible? I imagine that is simple, maybe, only enable on PSN Brazil (online store).

    Brivaldo Jr

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    I LOVE this game, I'm re-playing it and will never get tired of it, I have a copy of the game factory sealed

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    Vagrant Story - BloodSin

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had a HD print of the Blood-Sin with all of its wording? I can't find one online anywhere and I'm strongly considering getting it as a tattoo, If i'm going to do it however I want to do it properly.


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    Vagrant Story

    It'd be awesome to see vagrant story revitalized into a mobile game. I didn't play too far into it as I was less patient to play games of this type when I was a kid. I saved and preserved the original gaming disc to play it later when I would be more patient to sit through the story line. But overall I think it needs to be brought to the mobile gaming arena. ����

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    Ever Since the release of this Game How I wished Square had made Vagrant Story2 : The Wanderer. How I wished to learn more of its ties with Ivalice, knowing that Valendia is part of Ivalice. How I wished to learn Ashley Riot's origins and how he became "Stronger than a Bloody Titan" and "Fights with the Strength of A Brigade..." >|<