Thread: Favorite DQ weapon?

Favorite DQ weapon?

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    Hey all, I was wondering what your favorite weapon is from the entire Dragon Quest series. Mine, like many people's, is the
    Über Falcon Blade!
    Because the

    Über Falcon Blade!
    is the most useful weapon in the game, if you Falcon slash with the

    Über Falcon Blade!

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    This is a pretty cool thread, Max ^_^ Thank you for posting it ^.^

    For me, my favorite "Dragon Quest" weapon is: Uber Falcon Blade from "DQVIII" ^_^

    Beacuse you can attack 2 times in a row! ^.^

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    My fav weapon has to be bows I like the blowy bows they are cool and seraphs bow is awsome too but I do like the Uber falcon blade

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    I like the wipe's & Boom"a"rang

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    mine would have to be the uber falcon blade

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    Well mine is the......

    UBER FALCON BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!