Thread: Your opinions ?

Your opinions ?

  1. Project MODX3 - your opinions

    As some of you might know, I have created a small team including Mythrander101 and a few friends. Our goal is to 'hopefully' make a DX3 prototype. I would like to have some opinions on some of my teams work.

    If anybody else would like to join me, then please PM me, thank you.

    p.s If an administrator/moderator coukd please make this thread a sticky, then I would Greatly appreciate it

    here is one of my designs on JC.

    still more to come

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    Sure. Always glad to lend a paw.

  3. thanks Catman , for making this thread a sticky

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    I'm hopeless with graphics and don't have the patience or skill to code anything, but I can help with the Philosophy 101 stuff that gets trotted out in the dialogues.

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    Why did you go with the purple eyes? IMO, The less your DX3 brings to mind DXIW, the better. Unless it is a sequel to IW. What I'd like to see is a "trueR" sequel to DX1, that keeps the original blue eyes, among other many things that were changed for IW.

    I wish I had any skills/resources to help.... Deus Ex rocks. Good luck.
    Revel In Your Time

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    take my advice, join Project HDTP and you'll do something everyone will be happy about.
    IMHO, you are too ambitious, but looks like at least you have skills. Try joining other mods for a start, later with enough experience and respect you could really try to make our own mod. If you don't know how it is to be a part of a team, you won't be able to be a team leader either.
    Of course you can be a lonely cat like me, who decides what to do and does it till the end all by himself

  7. ive seen that project HDTP thing, it pretty cool.

    the purple eyes are only one design, Ive also been designing other stuff. but since I got school and everything then it is going to take a while this project

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    I thought (with great sadness) that project was agonizing... Nice to know that someone is still making efforts to recruit. Alas, many people just see DX as a "dated" game just because it doesn't have shadows and stuff, which isn't waht's important about games. Good luck to you too. (Again, I'm sorry I cant help).
    Revel In Your Time

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    Count me in

    I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm still modding Deus Ex, if that's any indication of my interest in the game. I'm not the most advanced of coders though; I'm mostly good at modifying/creating game script, rather than raw engine code and whatnot. Still, I'd like to lend a hand to the effort.

  10. sure, everybodys welcome

  11. I have succesfully made 2 prototype levels for my project

    I will just fix a few bugs and glitches and I will post screenshots up here.

  12. ARGH! bad news everybody...and this blows me more than you guys i think...

    My HDD has been...erased that means I have no more seved games on anything, all my work...and all my Deus Ex levels I made

    looks like back to the blue-board for me

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    Well... crap. Completely erased? Totally? Not a shred left?

    Sigh... these things happen I guess. But damn, I was looking forward to coding a proper sequel to Deus Ex here soon.

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    Originally Posted by the one true thief
    ARGH! bad news everybody...and this blows me more than you guys i think...

    My HDD has been...erased that means I have no more seved games on anything, all my work...and all my Deus Ex levels I made

    looks like back to the blue-board for me

    Sry to hear that your maps are all gone , but what editor did you use?
    PS:If i can I will help

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    Ive been thinking about this and thats why I origionaly came to the forums. Invisible war was "A" sequel to Deus ex however with the multiple endings make a deus ex off one of the other story lines.
    Instead of merging with the AI you could join the illuminaty, shortly after you find they are not who they claimed to be and forced to choose again.

    Thats just an idea for the story though.

    What I would realy like to see in a deus ex "3" is

    Experience put back in.
    Multiple weapon mods put back in.
    The multiple augments put back in. (meaning you will never have them all at end game)
    Keep black market augs to have a nice variety.
    Keep a few passive augs like silent run and such.
    Merge the augs like Strength for picking up items and hitting people harder
    Put back cross bows and take out the dart gun.
    Keep glass destabalizer mod.
    Keep the bot hacking black market.
    Go BACK to inventory space instead of item per item.
    Add the ability to shoot out lights.
    Ninja Theif's style of picking locks.
    Auto equip the multitool when clicking something that can use it. Same with lock picks.
    Get rid of the key chain. Though origional it was an annoyance.
    Go back to the key pads and computer user name and passwords. This is a good kind of annoyance. (If your not a fan then learn to hack)
    Go back to ammo for each weapon not one size fits all.

    Ok done for my short list lol. I am a programmer though if your serious about another game based off of the Invisible war engine (if you guys can pull it off) Id be willing to do some BS programming. Working with the UI portions and some micromanaged jobs because Ive never worked on a game before just RL junk.

    Oh yea also it amazes me how noone backs up stuff. Its so damn cheap to do get a burner and do it or better yet use a batch file and run it to a secondary external drive. Get a 1 gig USB thumb if you want to carry em around forever. Hell get a U3 and run Deusex off of it too haha. (Speaking of U3 jesus is this unsecure!) Before the Thumb drive days you could always just FTP the junk somewhere. Google or something. True its out there for the world to see but honestly who is looking?

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    I am willing to help however I can.

    Is there a script currently, or no?

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    This is a stickied thread. How magnificent.
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