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Friday Night Xbox Race Results

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    Thumbs Up Friday Night Xbox Race Results

    Please post results for Friday night (East and West coast) races in this thread from now on. Only the results (as recorded by the host) are to be placed here. Comments can go in a separate thread as needed.
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    The game was Kamikaze, Sports only, all forward "1" regular tracks, which turned out to be pretty cool. First place was undecided until the final race, which is always interesting - a big congrats to Jester for a tough event to win:

    1. TheDeadJester 165 (very consistent tonight, NICE!)
    2. SDon1969
    3. MIX MASTER ICE 144 (glad ya made it!)
    4. Mirage24062 132 (good show!)
    5. FTR jdskater 130 (lady luck not riding with him tonight)
    6. GraySnow Tiger 120
    7. US45 JRAD 84
    8. Nonviablelmp 72
    9. Nathan77 71
    10. E Nice Geo 68 (3-way tie!)
    JohnnyMac 68
    Camalus 68
    13. TopGameTN 57
    14. Mast Abeam 53
    15. Carneypower2 (congrats on your return and your future CarneyJunior)
    16. Jackitup777 38 (left before I tallied Race 10 results)


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    Post Early friday night races 8pm est

    Well i decided to do a normal race this week instead of that horrific assassination that i attempted last week.
    Borrowed Spider's drop a class if you win mode and it went pretty well.
    There were some disasterous crashes early on in the first corners, good way to see who Crash n' Burn and who would Crash n' Whine (not sure who said it but we were rolling from it)

    1. TIGER_FURY 137
    2. SDON1969 133
    3. NATHAN77 113
    4. MIRAGE24062 111
    5. TOPGAMETN 106
    6. CYBERWRAT 106
    7. HOMERRAMONE2084 98
    8. E_NICE_GEO 88
    10. NONVIABLEIMP 84 (lagged out of 1 race)
    11. JOHNNYMAC 75
    12. DEESEL 75
    13. MAST_ABEAM 74
    14. SLIMTRICKLE 58
    15. STEVEO5001 53 (left early)
    16. CARNEYPOWER2 52
    17. STILLB1GBOSS 6 (last race only)

    race winners were:
    SDON1969 2 RACES
    STEVEO5001 1 RACE
    MIRAGE24062 1 RACE

    Next week i think i may try this again or do a bomb tag event. post on a new thread and give us some ideas of what you want. I will try to work out the kinks for anythin UnUsuAl you may throw at us. ok thanx all and see you next friday!!!
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    Results Friday Kamikaze Late Night Event 3/25/05

    March 25th, 10 pm Eastern Results (Sipdermikes usual Room, I subbed)

    10 Race, Open-Class Kamikaze was the game of the night. Thanks to everyone for attending:

    1. SDon1969 154
    2. FTR jdskater 153 (such a close finish!)
    3. Verdilith 123 (moving up in the ranks of CnB!)
    4. TheDeadJester 119 (you guessed it, lagged out 1 race...I swear he's cursed! Went on to win the last four straight!)
    5. PLPNOTPP 111 (another racer showing big improvement tonight)
    6. DJ UNO 106 (sorry man - please don't hurt me! :nana: )
    7. Talyn 98
    8. Mirage24062 93
    9. Mortal PALADIN 84 (left after Race 10 before I tallied final results, stick around a minute after finale)
    10. E Nice Geo 81 (had a great night except for 2 or 3 lag-outs - keep it up man)
    11. JohnnyMac 80
    12. Jackitup777 70 (another who got dropped 1 race - bad night for that)
    13. Dead SoulSucker 60 (welcome, new face...weird name too)

    See ya Sunday Night 9 Eastern at Mix Master Ice's event - later all!

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    Rolleyes 4/15/05 8pm

    OK here i go trying this again here is g-man24's results.

    Hey Chad,
    G asked me to email you the results from Friday's CnB tournment.

    1. TIGER FURY 176
    2. SDON1969 133
    3. Mast Abeam 117
    4. A Charmed Chic 119
    5. Nathan77 99
    Long may the SKYSHARK terrorize the skies!!!

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    Glad to see you could post again, cyberwrat. I put the results up at our alternate location as well, thanks. Will you be running your Elimination event Friday night this week? Looking forward to it...

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    May 6th, 2005 7pmCST
    Great elimination game. Of five 10 lap races, three drivers survived.

    1st Place - FTR jdskater
    2nd Place - milecoupe
    3rd Place - TheDeadJester

    Staring as the cats, in alphabetical order...

    E Nice Geo
    GraySnow Tiger
    Mast Abeam
    RandomHero 7


    After that were two 20 lap races held in Las Vegas 1 and 2x.

    1st Place - TheDeadJester
    2nd Place - Nathan77
    3rd Place - MintTERMINATER

    Honorable mention to E Nice Geo who had 3rd Place at the end of the first race.

    Thanks to all who showed, that was good fun. I plan on hosting again next week. Probably something different, probably something similar. ?

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    Friday 5/13/05 results

    Most fun. It lasted about an hour fifteen minutes.
    First was a Muscle to Compact Elimination 5 lap Race.

    1st Place Verdilith
    2nd Place TheDeadJester
    3rd Place SDon1969

    (in alphabetical order and # race eliminated in)
    A Charmed Chic 1
    Camalus 1
    CrAzYbRoS 3
    DJ UNO 3
    FTR jdskater 4
    GraySnow Tiger 2
    JohnnyMac 2
    Kwaz 2
    Nathan77 5
    RandomHero 7 2
    TopGAmeTN 3
    US45 JRAD 4

    After such nonscense driving we switched to seriuos CnB style, best of three 20 lap races.
    These were the tracks raced and the fastest time. The final three from the previous game chose the tracks with a small restriction which I will not instate again. Your win, should be your choice.
    1 Bronx 2 - SDon1969 6:55.126
    2 San Diego X1 - DJ UNO 10:55.847
    3 Detroit 2R - GraySnow Tiger 6:39.011

    Those are the current record holders. The only way to ursurp these records will be in a Dirty Nation sanctioned event.
    Here are the overall winners of the set.
    1st DJ UNO 46
    2nd GraySnow Tiger 39
    2nd Verdilith 39
    3rd CrAzYbRoS 38
    4th SDon1969 37
    5th FTR jdskater 36
    6th Camalus 32
    7th US45 JRAD 31
    8th MintTERMINATER 29
    9th TheDeadJester 24
    10th A Charmed Chic 22
    11th JohnnyMac 21
    11th Kwaz 21
    12th Nathan77 11
    13th RandomHero 7 5
    13th Mirage 2462 5

    Thank you all in attendance. A full room is what makes it great.

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    Early Friday results 5/20/05

    Yet another good time.

    After 6 races these were the points.
    milecoupe 72
    US45 JRAD 72
    SDon1969 72
    TheDeadJester 68
    a charmed chic 67
    E Nice Geo 61
    Nathan77 58
    GraySnow Tiger 58
    Kwaz 51
    Johnnymac 38
    lcp wolve 37
    RandomHero 7 29
    SpartacusStan 7

    That was followed by three rounds of bomb tag where the winners would double their scores. Two bombs set at 25 seconds. With special guests, Verdilith and CrAzYbRoS making an appearance.
    TIGER FURY won the first and last.
    milecoupe thought the had secured first place by winning the second round.

    You podium winners are.
    1st Place - TIGER FURY 264
    2nd Place - milecoupe 196
    3rd Place - US45 JRAD 72 tie
    3rd Place - SDon1969 72 tie

    Just a silly excuse to play some Bomb Tag. Just enough to have fun, but not get sick of. If I do that again it will be to double the results of the 20 lap set. The real prize of the 20 lappers isn't overall 1st place of just three races, it's the fastest time award. So If I go screwy on the scores again with some arena game, it will be for the three 20 lappers.

    Speaking of 20 lappers here are the results from the set of three.
    1st TheDeadJester 56
    2nd SDon1969 47
    3rd TIGER FURY 39
    4th MintTERMINATER 33
    5th a charmed chic 32
    6th US45 JRAD 32
    6th Nathan77 30
    7th CrAzYbRoS 29
    8th GraySnow Tiger 27
    9th Jinkz 21
    10th E Nice Geo 17
    10th Johnnymac 17
    11th TopGame TN 11
    12th lcp wolve 10
    13th RandomHero 7 6

    Once again, thank you all in attendance. An almost lag out free night!

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    Our three ultimate winners for tonight are...
    the assassin88

    These are the final scores divided into classes.

    the assassin88 112
    Nathan77 104
    FTR jdskater 100
    TopGameTN 91
    TheDeadJester 89
    a charmed chic 88

    Jaybone919 39
    DJ UNO 38
    Johnnymac 32
    lcp wolve 31

    Kwaz 66
    Jinkz 59
    RandomHero 7 39
    HomerRamone2084 36
    Mobius Pandora 28

    That was great fun, too bad it wasn't just sports and compacts.
    Then for the classic three 20 lappers. I wrote down the top times, but my camera is doing bizarre things so I don't have the total scores. That's okay, fastest time is the most important.

    Detroit 1 - TheDeadJester 6.02:356
    Las Vegas 1X - FRT jdskater 6.31:426
    Bronx 1 - CrAzYbRoS 6.36:543

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    A good game of Headhunter. Kept the top spots close and robbed me of a podium in the last race. Good one!
    The designated goons for tonight were...

    FTR jdskater in a clever compact,
    SDon1969 in a pushy pickup, and
    US45 JRAD in a mean muscle car.

    Those of us who were TRYING to play legit.

    1st a charmed chic 148
    2nd the assassin88 146
    3rd MintTERMINATER 133
    4th Nathan77 129
    5th E Nice Geo 112
    6th Kwaz 109
    7th HomerRamone2084 100
    8th Xtreme T3k 98
    9th CrAzYbRoS 90
    10th JohnnyMac 88
    11th lcp wolve 82
    12th Mobius Pandora 79
    13th RandomHero 7 55

    Thanks for all in attendance. Here's hoping the Xbox Deuce offers even MORE than 16 racers with such ease. AND Crash n' Burn 2. You hear me Eidos?!?!?