Thread: Manual Errata - UDP Port Number Issue

Manual Errata - UDP Port Number Issue

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    Exclamation Manual Errata - UDP Port Number Issue

    Hi Everybody,
    Sorry about this, but if you are running the game online through a router and need to enable Port Forwarding, the port number indicated in the manual, UDP 9103, has been changed. The correct one to use is UDP 4659. Once again, we apologize for this mistake. If you run into subequent problems, please contact tech support. Thanks folks.
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    Just for clarification:

    PS2 uses 4659
    Xbox uses 9103

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    This is supposed to clear up the "red rooms" problem correct? I am having this same problem, but I don't run snowblind through a firewall or router, I have ethernet directly to my modem, my computer is always off when playing online?

    any ideas why?

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    I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but when I try to find current online games I only get at most 2 games, and judging from the room names they are player hosted ones.

    I have played a couple of games online with no problems (Star Wars: Battlefront & Mortal Kombat: Deception), and assumed that I would have a similarly easy time with Project: Snowblind.

    I am playing from a PS2, connected to my cable modem via a linksys wireless-g router and linksys wireless-g network gaming adapter. So this sounds like a similar problem with the port forwarding (whatever that is) as previously mentioned. If this is the case, does anyone have a link for a walkthrough/guide for the procedure to rectify this? I am unfortunately completely useless..

    Additionally, should I be able to join 'general' games? For example with SW:BF there are games that are running constantly, provided by (presumably) the game developers/distributers/whatever, are there similar games in P:SB? And as I'm based in the UK, does that mean I can't get onto the same games as players in the US?

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi, is there any update on this issue? It does seem to be a major problem for a significant number of people..

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    Hey Swan,

    We are still working on finding the exact cause of these and other issues. In most cases it is due to compatiblity issues with routers or firewalls. Visit the link below to find Sony's Router/Firewall FAQ page. It has a list of routers that have been tested on Sony's hardware.

    Sony FAQ Page

    What ISP do you have? Is there any other internet capable device using your internet connection while you are playing Snowblind?

    Thanks for your patience in this matter folks, we are working on it.


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    What about PC? Is there any port forwarding required? The manual does not say.

    I was able to join a single game this afternoon, but there did not seem to be any other players there, despite the server browser saying there were 2.



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    Help! I dont understand english so good, can anyone help me?

    I know this topic is a bit out of date (lol) but Im having red room problem. Can anyone give step by step guide?

    If there is multiple things that i require, If I have that or that, please post all guides for all possible things i can have :P

    I use PC

    PS: Is anyone using theese forums? This topic is very old....1

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    i use the forum, cant help u tho i play ps2 version online

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    Cool r3allegend - wats up?

    What do you mean by red room? Can you help us understand what exactly it is that you need?

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    I'm having problems joining rooms with 3+ people in it.
    Although unlimited amount of people can connect to my rooms (even 10+ and more people).

    But I simply cant join their game but they can join my online game.

    Please help...

    (Room = Server = Game Online)