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some ideas for next game.

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    here are some ideas for the next byw game (byw 3) that i think would be badass! you could make a public restroom, the woods (like "luke hadley and friends vs. mother nature" from vol. 5), high school classroom, skatepark, bar, the ghetto, playground, work out gym, cheap made wrestling ring (w/ barbed wire wrapped around ropes), icp concert, snowy park, graveyard, public library, garbage dump, parking lot, or zoo. i also have some ideas for the soundtrack. here are some bands that would be sick to have on the sound track: kottonmouth kings, corporate avenger, system of a down, esham, natas, pennywise, tech n9ne, project deadman, flogging molly, three 6 mafia, ra, westside connection, humble gods, marz, wolfpac, blaze ya dead homie, the r.o.c., the dayton family, rob zombie, hed p.e., judge d., rush, cypress hill, godsmack, mower, kingspade, aesop rock, opm, mastamind, phunk junkeez, alien ant farm, last laugh, jumpsteady, the f-ups, or ramstien. and now ideas for other stuff. it would be cool if there was a trampoline, bed of barbed wire, or some thumb tacks in the game. it would also be cool if you could hit your opponent with a car as an environmental throw. and there should be triple threat, fatal 4-way, and tornado tag team game play. its cool to have some pro wreslers in the game but you should try to keep it mostly backyard wrestlers. and you should put sabu and evil dead back in the game. i hope you will take these ideas into concideration. but even if you dont thats ok cuz the game will still be fresh as hell anyways! mcl yall!

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    Another one would be to have more 'realistic' names and better attire.

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    and more hardcore vids from Indy wrestling
    and if you can add what MK call Fatalitys it would be even more hardcore and bloody...woow..please make another one

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    Ideas for the next BYW game. 1) Give it a more Indy Wrestling feel. I like the backyards, but throw in a couple ring type settings: Scaffolding Matches, Barbed Wire matches, Thumbtack Matches, etc (maybe work up to these through storylines???). After all, that's what makes the BYW games more than just another fighting game. 2) Put a more structured storyline (NO! NOT THE SOAP OPERA WWE CRAP!!!), but go for belts, different regions, etc. 3) Put body-part specific damage. If you work a leg all through the match, have the dudes limp, etc. 4) Put a stamina meter on there. Put some strategy in the game. 5) Terry Funk, Sabu, and Sandman.