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Thread: Report Problems Here...

Report Problems Here...

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    Report Problems Here...

    Please post any problems you are having with Project: Snowblind in this thread. Please make sure to specify whether the problem occured while playing single player or online, and what platform. (PS2 or Xbox).

    One thing I got from a guy in our test department.

    In Ashoka's Garden, if player walks to any of the four cantilevered bridge ends, climbs onto the railing, faces straight up in the air, and keeps jumping then he will hit the death plane, killing his character instantly and turning the screen grey.

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    problems connecting to game servers

    Every time I try and click on connect, it tells me it's looking for a game servers and then it tells me the servers are busy or down four routine maintenance. Also, I'm having difficulty creating an online account, it "times out" and tells me to retry at a less busy time. Any advice?

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    What system are you playing on? Also, what kind of internet connection do you have? Dial-up, cable, satellite, dsl...?

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    more info regarding server timed out

    Yeah, sorry, forgot the important stuff.

    I'm trying to connect with my ps2 version of Project: Snowblind. I have a Cable Modem connection that works through a wireless router. I play socom 2 and EA games all the time and they work, but for some reason, Snowblind won't work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    The only problem that I have encountered is that when I leave a game, sometimes the "leaving game" screen stays up for so long that I have to turn the power off and restart the game.

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    all connection problems can probably be resolved with the instruction manuals "troubleshooting" section (p26) under "firewalls". since your socom2 and EA games works properly online then the problem lies with your router.

    i myself didnt have any problems connecting but i did have problems joining some rooms. so what i did was turn on the DMZ on my router for the ps2 and all the rooms are now available to me. before some rooms are red, now their not.

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    Thanks for the Tip. I turned on my DMZ, and i tried turning off the firewall on my linksys wireless router. It connects to the patch server just fine but when I try and create an online account or join the game rooms, it keeps timing out or telling me the servers are down.

    Any other suggestions? I may call tech suppor this weekend or something.

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    Router help

    I posted this in another topic but apparently noone wants to help me out theres, so im gonna try it in here.

    I have a BEFW11S4 Linksys wireless-B router and Snowblind on ps2 and have never had a problem with a game before(Just as a side note, I dont use a wireless reciever. Everything is side by side connected with ethernet cords.) It was error 612 and it got online but wouldnt go past the DNAS Screen. My ps2 is not modded nor do i have any added accessories on it aside from HDD and the Network Adapter. In fact, it is the newest model that came out just before the slim ps2's. That being said, I tried to fix all the stuff up and open UDP 9103 like the manual says but cant figure it out. Knowing that games have worked before i stuck the ethernet cord directly from the modem to the ps2 and WALAA, it worked! But whats the fun in that when you cant have a ps2, xbox, pc, and another ps2 going at the same time? One of you network geniuses help me out and gimme a step by step or what have you. Thanks much ladies and gents!

    Please post help here incase anyone else is having the same trouble.

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    "i stuck the ethernet cord directly from the modem to the ps2 and WALAA, it worked!"

    since with worked with you connecting the ps2 to the broadband modem directly, that seems to me its your router that has a problem. make sure you got the lastest firmware for your router and make sure you got the right IP for that opened UDP port. cus i'm guessing you got automatic IP with your network and your ps2-networkadptr changed IP on you.

    sorry if it doesnt help, thats all i can tell you.

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    Ya I realize i gotta do something with the router, I was just hoping someone with the same router could gimmer their settings or something.

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    In some games the headset doesnt work... why not?

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    Originally Posted by Sycotic
    The only problem that I have encountered is that when I leave a game, sometimes the "leaving game" screen stays up for so long that I have to turn the power off and restart the game.
    several people have also mentioned this to me, i have also had the same problem.

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    Think they'll put a patch online for these glitches? or if people don't have online put the patches out at selected stores for people to pick up? something that binds onto the save file on the 8mb chip.... that would work just fine, it would fix the problems and there would be little fuss..


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    Can't join rooms

    I am able to join only one or two rooms. All other rooms are displayed in red. I'm connected hardwired to router. Any ideas?

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    I know you guys have probably got enough of this already but the microphones cutting out from game to game is getting on my nerves. After playing about 6 hours today I had 2 full games with microphones. Fix it ASAP so i can enjoy myself with my friends plz Thanks team!

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    Im getting REALLY sick of the loadign screen always freezing. Seriously.

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    You guys need to fix the headset issue...some of the games i play, the headset don't work and some of the games i play in work...Also who the heck is speaking? You guys should add a thing where when a person speaks on the mic, make their name appear...what's the point of the headset if you don't know who's talking? We can't have strageties if we don't know who's talkng. Also, in some maps, it can get VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY laggy. If a couple of cars/tanks get in one spot, then the lag starts to go crazy. Fix these 3 problems and this game would be WAYYYYYYY better. I am playing this game on the ps2 and I got comcast cable using a router. I really like this game but if you guys can fix those, then this game would be one of the top games this year so far..Thanks.

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    problems registering

    i am posting on behalf of one of our members who is having some dificulties.

    I signed up as {RABiD}Wheelchairboy but I never got the email to activate my account. So now I can sign in under the name but I can't post or do anything on the forums. I have tried to email the forums twice now and have yet to recieve a reply. my email address is What can I do to re-register and keep my name?

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    I have bad surround sound issues. I've emailed tech support and have no reply as of yet...please see my post here:

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    Originally Posted by PWA..MOBSTER
    I am able to join only one or two rooms. All other rooms are displayed in red. I'm connected hardwired to router. Any ideas?

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    i have the same problem as the guy above me. i have a D-link 4 port wired router, DI-604, and when i go to play Project Snowblind for the PS2 online, only a couple of games i can play and the rest are all red. help please!

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    Snowblind on Xbox live: Jerky animation, Audio/Visual clipping etc.

    Letter to Eidos and Crystal Dynamics regarding issues with Project: Snowblind’s multiplayer on Xbox live

    I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Project: Snowblind for many months. When I finally got a chance to play it I was in some regards, disappointed. While the single player portions sings, the multi-player component leaves something to be desired. Regrettable, it apparent the online portion was a tacked on after thought. The game would have benefited more form an offline/split screen mode since from a technical standpoint it wasn’t built to handle online very well, detracting for its overall experience.
    I know Crystal Dynamics already has my $50 and video games are unfortunately items that cannot be returned for full value, so it probably doesn't matter what I say. I imagine this post will be deleted since I am not signing the praises of this game’s MP component, but I do has legitimate with Project: Snowblinds’s online play on Xbox live. I haven’t been the only one to experience this, check out what some others XBOX Snowblind players experienced at A few have already returned the game even at a loss of at least $15 which isn’t fair.

    1. Aiming and tracking an enemy in online multi-player is more difficult than it should be to do jerky character animations, visual clipping. Does Eidos/Crystal Dynamics plan to address these issues? This game’s online multi-player mode had some serious potential but as it is, aiming at characters that look like epileptic monkeys on crack is a frustrating experience. I play others games online and from experience know that aiming need not be a frustrating ordeal. Even though Halo 2 may not be perfect, it is at least a good example of how smooth an online shooter should be. Characters shouldn’t disappear then reappear, they shouldn’t ice-skate across the map, character shouldn’t have their lower body sunken into the bottom of the map, and in 2005 the character models shouldn’t jerky animation reminiscent of games 5 years old. Was the online component even tested? How could any game company in 2005 have been proud of the way this game’s multi-player component functions on a technical level? Perhaps these issues are common on PS2 since people are really digging it but for Xbox it seems dumbed down to the point of being crippled.

    2. I’m not sure if Eidos is aware of this but in its current state, the ranking system is pretty useless. People are dropping out last moment if their team is loosing or switching over to the winning team. What is the point of a ranking system if it doesn’t in anyway indicate the player’s level? When you join a game that ends in 3 seconds, if you happened to join on the losing team, it counts as a loss for you, even if you didn’t fire a single shot.

    3. The audio looks like it never went to testing. The audio drops out in the middle of games for no reason. You never know who is talking

    I will relay these concerns to the customer support number in the game booklet and try to find contact numbers for Eidos and Crystal dynamics. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they address these problems with some kind of patch, if these problems can even be corrected. I just want them to know problems exist, otherwise they’d think there was nothing fix. If you are an Xbox owner and have experienced similar issues please contact me and Eidos/Crystal Dynamics as well.

    Best regards,

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    Heres an odd one...I was playin deathmatch with my clan and i was getting load outs and guys were falling but i wasnt getting kills! pissed me off somewhat as you might imagine. Might wanna check that out.

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    Problem with DD 5.1

    I have the same problem as Novanova, alsmost all sound comes from the surroundspeakers. The problem is described in this thread:

    The prob. conserns the Xboxversion and Im using the X2VGA -adapter with optical out. I've never had this problem with a game and I've played a lot of DD 5.1 games.


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    Originally Posted by Eviltude
    Heres an odd one...I was playin deathmatch with my clan and i was getting load outs and guys were falling but i wasnt getting kills! pissed me off somewhat as you might imagine. Might wanna check that out.
    Yeah! that happened to me once. All the Kill and even your own Deaths didnt count. I dont know what happened their.

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