Thread: CnB2: Things we'd like to see

CnB2: Things we'd like to see

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    CnB2: Things we'd like to see

    Sorry Spidermike, took your thread title. I'm just going to copy over what I posted on Gamefaqs.

    This is definately one of my top 10 games of my silly collection of over 400 games from the 8bit Sega Master System to the present day monsters. Quick and fun, reminds of the glory and wonder that Crimson Skies brought me when I first got online.

    This is what I'd like to see, and I might as well be greedy so I'm going to list even the sillly minor things.


    Custom Soundtracks. Easy, every game should have this options, save money on paying bands to be on your game's soundtrack, I've got what I want to listen to. I've finally put a dent in my Xbox HD in fact.

    >16 Players online. Although 16 is a wonderful amount of people to have racing in such close quarters, I can always ask for more.

    More vehicle classes. Maybe motorcycle/ 3 or 4 wheel ATVs and then super heavys like dumptruck or van.

    Online hosting options better. Online is done very well, except for the fact that the host has to quit the room to play a different type of game.

    Fix the mysterious LOADING freeze up problem many people seem to have.

    More silly hoods, fronts, rears, spoilers, antennas, Calvin pissing on Ford stickers, patterns, and everything else that is fun to play "dress up my car" with.

    Higher level than 20. Not that it matters too much after 20, but gimme more than 20.

    Guest mode on Xbox Live and/ or seperate accounts and multiple headsets availlabilty.

    Another awesome startup movie like the two herds of vehicles stampeding toward eachother. Very exciting, as my friend said when I first showed him the game, "that's worth the twenty bucks right there!"

    Assasination, Lastman standing, and the other "Arena" games available to play on "Track" corses.

    Previous Crash n Burn tracks and certainly new tracks.

    Bigger air ramp jumps and mid air intersections. Difficult shortcuts.

    Nighttime tracks. Or even better, the ability to have a few choices of time of day. Nighttime would be headlights until they are broken out one at a time. Environment lighting that can be altered, like lamp posts in the middle of the road that can be knocked out.
    The weather could also be changed, just making it more upsettingly difficult.

    I don't recall if you can just list your Friends on the Scoreboards or not, but that would be nice.

    No more proximity talk only. Or the ability to toggle it on or off.


    I'm sure I could come up with more, but it sure is a lot easier to make a game in your head than it is for real.

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    I think this is a fantastic idea ! I encourage all posters to add your thoughts to this thread. These are all great ideas so far- keep em coming.

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    Just thought of another VERY important option. The number of laps be changable. Right now 5, 10, 15... 50 is pretty limited. Basically that means a quick and fun game is either a 5 lap Kamakazi or a 10 lap Race. Occasionally I'll see the 20 lap Kamakazi and just laugh.
    What would have been perfect is the option of the numbers 1-15. A four lap Kamakazi and a six lap Race would suite me perfectly.

    An easy decal would also be the alphabet and numbers. I sure would like to have the #77 car to go with my name.

    The ability to turn names off. I've heard people complain about not being able to see through the cluster of Gamertags.

    Dare I ask for a track editor? !!!

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    a track editor, holy cow! according to what i been reading in the mags, map/level editors are the next big thing that is gona hit xbox live in 2005 and i cant wait and any game that has a editor gets a extra point or two in my review.

    the stuff i would like to see most and some are repeats from what nathan has mentioned.

    1-fix the problem that locks up the xbox.
    2-allow the host to change modes without dropping room.

    these are no particular order:
    option to turn off a.i in races

    many more levels of parts, up to at least a 100 and then for the true gamer that has a insane amount of time, give a rare part or decal at level 500 or 1000 and make it where there is no code breakers and the one that has the part earned it like it should be.

    ice tracks or dirt tracks, anything to make it look a lot different.

    more vehicles like nathan mentioned.

    on the tag modes repair some damage when you destroy someone. right now there is not much advantage to crashing into anyone if you want to be alive at the end.

    more jump variety including bigger jumps and more off camber jumps.

    more of everything!

    thx for letting us post this stuff and its good to see someone actually checks their own forum and we all hope to see crash n burn 2.

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    My turn and it's a BIG list .. heh


    - Enhance the room/server online options so that we can change game types, modify laps, set AI difficulty, car types allowed all without exiting the menu.

    - Add an option for auto team select or manual and solve the menu flicker or biased team selection issue. Keep the host team as always Blue and on top of screen.

    - In kamikaze, ensure random direction selection as this doesn't always work at present and ensure the room lobby is sorted by overall points and not direction. In team, keep teams seperated and order by team rank. Add overal team points.

    - Allow up to four teams of four players with say blue, red, green, yellow

    - Add option to reset points/series without exiting.

    - Add kick and ban option

    - Allow messaging and team / clan features.

    - Allow host to force team change for individual players.

    - Allow to check scoreboards from within a room

    - Add spectate options from the room lobby so you can sit out a race without blocking the grid. Add 'Ready' option so if your not ready you spectate

    - Allow garage access from room lobby.

    - Enhance spectate view to show position in field, scroll ONLY through remaining LIVE players and / or HUMAN players. Not much pointing seeing a dead AI or even AI period.


    - Add the ability to turn off the AI completely.

    - Adjust the AI in team mode to NOT kill the teamates quite as aggressively.

    - Polish up the graphics a little and fix the frame rate drop when it gets real BUSY !

    - Enhance the engine note. The engine sound lets this game down a lot. Add the slider option in the setup options.

    - Give us hood or roof cam camera angles, the bumper cam is just too low but very cool I might add as the physics change completely.

    - Reduce the cars locked together physics slightly, way too high at present and lower the dragging a dead carcass around with you somehow. Very Frustating .. heh

    - Adjust the garage features to include say 'Damage' points v performance. Where you can adjust your car for durability v speed. Faster you are the more fragile you become.

    - Adjust the wrecking features to give you a little more 'life' as well as nitro for each wreck you cause.

    - What am I supposed to do with the $2m cash I have ? LOL You should be able to buy extra tracks at $1m a piece or weather, time of day etc.

    - Add additional commentary

    Just a short list to work on and consider Of course it would help if you just added all this to a patch .. heh OK maybe not

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    Fin took all the thoughts that I had, and then some, so I'll just agree with all that!

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    The most important thing I just thought of that I want to see is that Crash n Burn 2 is actually in the works.

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    Big Grin Yes!!!

    All that stuff would kick ass, but what i'd like 2 c is a hell of allot of cars in the arena mode but then they would have to make the arena bigger, mind you nothing wrong with that