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Thread: Defiance Camera Patch & Debug Menu by Vampmaster & cubanraul

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    I actually got some work already. It's not good work or anything like what I want but it's convenient for now until I find something better. Anyway it means I'm ok for working on the trainer again! I'll try to have something done for next week.

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    Cool,It will be good to have possess next in SR2 Trainer not to mention the extra stuff and the way we recreated/arranged the SR2 Debug menu made by blinc,we remade it for PAL AR.MAX for PS2 on PC.

    I only did some minor work on this with alot of help from Vampmaster but we put plane shift into the debug menu like the defiance version for PC,
    we also made it one menu interlinking

    This gave me the opertunity to take the soul reaver in the cutscene of williams chapel for a few moments,what I mean is the 1st one with mobeius
    I picked up the sword with the glowing blue around it.

    My video card can be used for shots and filming but the makers didnt pay for a microsoft license and this causes the pc to crash when I open the folder the films are in.

    I want A PC card with component video in so I can take better full screen reolution and that way I can take shots off cool things that I discover like maleks staff joined with the blood reaver.

    At least the pc version woutld not require the input for all those codes.
    The possess next is cool, SR1 isnt working to good on laptop.
    Doesnt work at all on PC since upgrading Graphics card.

    Im hoping to open my own site for all my accidnetal discoverys and so on.
    when I get some time I need to catch up on my PC repair course first.

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    OK, this is prolly just a stupid screwup on my part or something, but... here goes.

    Have tried the camera/debug on both 1.0 and 1.1 of lok-d and it doesn't do anything... Can't seem to get any of it to work, at all.

    Have my control type set as keyboard, making sure I'm hitting the right keys to work the thing, as listed earlier in this thread, as well as at HERE .

    I'm using the 7 8 9 keys on the numpad for the camera, and getting nothing to happen. trying F1 to get the debug menu to show, but seeing nothing. So.. obviously, am wondering what I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks lots, and sorry to be such an idiot.

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    I think you need number lock on as well. Someone else had a similar problem but I don't have much time to search for what he/she did to fix it. It should b somewhere either in this thread or if you do a search for Defiance Trainer. I'll keep looking as well. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on the trainers tonight if I get enough revision done first. If I can get rid of some of the bugs in it, the new version should render all keyboard and fake virus problems a thing of the past.

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    Thanks much.

    Will give that a try in a lil while, and shall see what happens. Don't remember if I had it on or not, but, again, shall see.

    Thanks much, again.

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    Two updates this time!

    The first is a trainer update that enables the possession camera to be used and adds a new finishing move for the Water Reaver. That part only has an effect for version 1.2 or the XP patched version so far. The possession camera is used from the camera menu and focuses the camera on an enemy as if they were possessed. You get to play with Norman:
    Here's the trainer again:
    The Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance modes aren't implemented yet.

    The second is an updated taglist from the one Ben uses here: It lets you do some eally cool things like disable the collision detection allowing you to walk through walls and enemies, stop monsters from attacking, it provides an alternate way of activating the debug menu other than using the trainer, lets you choose the currently displayed debug menu and last but not least, it allows you to recolour any of the reaver imbuements you want:
    The taglist assumes you are using the XP patch and so it will say it's looking for kain2.exe, however if you are using the official version, just choose "load anyway" on the process KAIN2.ICD for the SR1 v1.2
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    I've got a problem with the camera changer, it just doesn't start, when I press the "Launch" button in the trainer menu, nothing happens... can anybody help me?

    PS: Ok, now i know how to use the launch button and what i does, but the keys defined in the "about" section doesn't work. Neither the ones defined for camera shifting nor those responible of debug menu.

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    I finally got around to trying the camera patch. I downloaded the one on The Lost Worlds. I was trying to play with the SR2 camera, but every time I get to a new screen, the camera reverts to the Defiance camera. Also, the SR2 camera spins even while I'm not moving the mouse. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

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    FRUSTRATED WITH legacy of Kain: defiance

    I am sure you regulars to this forum have heard this numberous time. I am so frustrated with Legacy of Kain: Defiance. The camers system only makes sense as a joke.

    I was a super big fan of Soul Reaver 2. In fact my fav game. Just came across Legacy of Kain: Defiance, and was really looking forward to consuming it. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you are supposed to control a character you can't see. I used a mouse to move and look around with on Soul Reaver 2, this is ridiculous. I have tried the cam patch and the trainer and still can't get this game to a point where you can actually play the game. How did Eidos release a game with this kind of problem.

    Is there anything I can do other than the patches I have tried here in the forum before I give up and toss the game?


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    Sorry I've not been able to work on this much since I started working full time. There were a few ideas I wanted to try, but there's a lot of projects I have on the go at once. I get a week off for christmas, but I wanted to see if I finish the latest version of the SR1 ModelEx (It reads the area files!) and the tool I've been helping Ben with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampmaster View Post
    christmas, but I wanted to see if I finish the latest version of the SR1 ModelEx (It reads the area files!) and the tool I've been helping Ben with.
    So a person could really examine the environment? Coolness! | |

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    I've released the new version of ModelEx that loads the area files and Ben's put it up on tlw. I've also just sent him a slight update of the Defiance trainer which now includes the Shiva menu! You can skip to the end of the game, enable all cutscenes, show the number of monsters in a room and make Raziels wings go weird.

    It's also available here:
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    Ok, I've got your trainer up and running, and I can access the debug menu (not that I know what most of it does).

    My problem is that I can't switch the cameras using my numpad (don't know why). Is there any way to:

    a) Do it manually using the camera section of the debug menu (what numbers do I need etc)

    b) Change what keys bind to what camera modes?

    You are saints for making this fix, by the way, because this game would be unplayable on PC without it.

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    There's currently no way to do either of those. I had intended to integrate all my trainer programs into one and add that feature, but I'm so busy with work lately. If you can activate the menu itself, the camera keys should work just as well. It's the number keys to the right and it might need number lock on too, but I can't think of anything else that would stop it working. I have lots of plans for new trainers and tools and I particularly want to get back to this stuff after seeing all the new stuff Ben's done with tlw, but it's just a matter of finding the time.
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    Ah, I think I know the problem...

    Mousekeys. Mousekeys goes on when NumLock goes on, so the '7' '8' and '9' aren't registered.

    Now if only I could find 'accessibility options'. It seems to have been removed from my computer, and I can't find it under 'Install Windows Components'

    Any suggestions?
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    It should be in your Control Panel.
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    Ah, it wasn't on my PC so I copied it from another one.

    Seems to work fine now. I get a good gameplay by switching between Defiance and SR2 cameras in different situations.
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    I don't know if this will be of any use to you, but have you considered uploading the patches as a torrent file?
    That way bandwidth will not be a problem so long as everyone keeps seeding (even if its only a few hours a week)

    you could organise a time when you'll be home and then load it up for an hour and let people dl it.

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    Apparently so. But suppose you throw a coin enough times...
    ...suppose one day, it lands on its edge.

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    People hi.
    If it possible help plzz...
    I'm playing Defiance on notebook,and i have not a numpad(((((
    Change Camera with Camerapatch impossible
    If you know how to decide this problem,posts pliz

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    I've been meaning to upgrade the defiance trainer and combine my other trainers into one for a long time now. However I've had a new version of ModelEx in the works since last year and I've been trying to get that ready for release. I'm embarassed to say that I don't actually know what notebook is, so you might have to explain it to me and what keys I can use as the trainer's controls.

    @Turaziel: I'm not used to using torrents, so I'm not sure how they work exactly. What would be the benefit of that over just downloading them from thelostworlds or my own site? It might save a bit of bandwidth, but that can be accomplished just by passing the trainers to other places for download. As long as you give me credit and ask first, I probably won't mind if where you distribute the trainers too.

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    Vampmaster,senks that you answered me)
    Notebook...Its old version....Hp pavilion ze5700)))
    About trainer's control keys..May use another key's,only not a numpad)))))))
    ps:sorry for my bad english))

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    Unhappy Help

    Help. What i must do to activate the debug menu. i downloaded sr 1 and 2 debug menu. And now?

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    In the older trainers I used 'O' to activate the debug menu and 'P' to deactivate it and id the newer ones I used F1 to activate the debug menu and F2 to deactivate it. For the SR1 trainer, you can choose the keys yourself from the combo boxes.

    Sorry to people who've been asking about updates to the trainers. Like I mentioned before, I've not had as much time lately and I'm still trying to finish off the upgrade to ModelEx first. I've been working as a computer programmer since last year, so it can be difficult to go back and do even more programming when I get home. I will get around to it though.

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