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Thread: XBox Crashing?

XBox Crashing?

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    That sounds like either a defective disk or a saved game corruption. I haven't had any reports of performance issues on Xbox or PS2, other than the crash on mission 8 on Xbox. Try swapping your disk out for another copy, then erase the Shellshock save profile off the Xbox hard drive. Then you can either start a new game, or use the level select cheat code below. You can skip to the level you were on.

    This also works for those of you stuck on mission 8. Just enter the code, and skip to mission 9.

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    SERIOUSLY what you all SHOULD have done, was get it on PS2, cause IT ROCKS on PS2!!!!!!

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    I am stuck and feed up with this game...
    I thought it was a little rough but it had potential.

    Now I'm just sick.

    My Xbox keeps crashing on the level your are trying to catch up with special forces teams. It starts out with a helicopter fly over of a city and ends with a C-4 placement at a fuel station.

    Now the game crashed a few times before this level, but only in a freak occurance that didn't reproduce itself after I restarted the Xbox.

    On the level I mentioned above the game has repeatedly crashed on me. At least 8 times in a row. It always happens at the end of the level either at the tunnel leading to the gas station were all the Viet Cong just keep coming or at the fuel station itself. It has crashed four times at the last tick of the C-4 count down right before the explosion (I am assuming that after the explosion the level is over).

    This is really fustrating for a user who just put down 50 bucks down to give an up and coming programing team like guerrilla a chance.

    Basicly I can not continue the game. Not only has my patience run out, but I just can't get by this crash. My Xbox is less than 6 months old and I have other games crash form freak situations. This is may beyond freak. This is poor testing of the enviroments.

    This is also not a result of a corrupt save. I have tried playing straight through and guess what happen... BBUUZZZZZ sorry try again. Frozen screen of death.

    What to do besides selling it back to the store at almost half the price I paid for it so that some other fool gets screwed.

    What really surprises me that Edios distrubuted this game with so many bugs... Oh wait a second... this is the same game that released Hitman 1. That game was infected with bugs.

    I've said my peace.

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    seriously, you guys gotta lay off, come on, this is the first Vietnam war game eidos has ever released, (any type of war game, this is its first release) so this game was more like a test subject, to see how people liked it and stuff, everyone loves the vietnam theme, but the game itself, a lot of people say it needs improvements, i agree, the AI needs some help, add a jump feature, smarter enemies and friendlies, bigger squads, instead of 3 or 4 people, Dont go into special forces, just stay a grunt through the whole game, make it longer, a little more authenticity, and have a few bugs fixed. See if they make a second one, like during the tet offensive or Hue city or something, it could be a masterpiece if they just listien to the people, on what it needs!

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    Hey Jumpin Jebus, are you guys making any progress in finding out the cause of the crashes? How are you guys planning on fixing it?

    Great game, love the gore

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    i love the game overall, just a few things needed some fixing, thats about it, besides that, its good

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    Traded xbox game for PS2 game played the whole game no crashing

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    yeah Jumpin Jebus, I'm curious too as to what Eidos and Guerilla are doing about these problems...its been very hush hush. I mentioned the crashing problem here weeks ago after it was released in Australia and since then heaps and heaps of people have been here adding their story of frustration but you guys have offered very little in the way of help besides the old "oh it must be your xbox and save game, not our crappy development and testing" You guys seemed to have washed your hands with the game and just got it out to the market with the apparent goal of forgetting about it and hoping the consumers will too. Problem is I spent $100 on a game that is glitched up the wazoo along with a bunch of others who want value for their money, and as strangelov477 mentioned the option for many is to sell it back to EB and cut a loss. You should have recalled the game and fixed it since you have an obligation to provide a working product...and Shellshock must be just scrapping through in that department if not failing straightup.

    And SgtSpecht1234 it makes absolutely no excuse for Eidos because this is their first Vietnam game. Hell I don't care if they make a game where you have to go round finding ty stoned Amsterdam dwelling developer nerds and beat them senseless with their own crappy product, the fact is they were tasked with making a game, not a vietnam game, but a functioning game. Subject matter is absolutely irrelevant, the fact is the product doesn't work properly. I fail to understand why people here are trying to defend the company. As consumers, people have a right to * and moan (like myself) when companies take them for a ride and sell to them premium priced products with bargain budget qualities. I don't care if there should have been vehicles or more weapons etc., they are just potential improvements which people suggest could make the game better or more fun. What I am saying and I want is for the game to just work like it is supposed to, and right now it doesn't coz I have another 30 games at home and none of them behave like Shellshock does.

    Plus, where the hell is the responce to my e-mails to your support staff from about 3 weeks ago re: this very problem with the game? Again it seems like they are just trying to ignore the problem and not confront their disgruntled consumers about it. Great game, lousy lazy-arse development and testing.

    So Jumpin Jebus, without giving us a typical PR answer, give it to us straight. What are the "big wigs" at Eidos and Guerilla proposing to do about the problem? Or is that in your minds, us 'suckers' have already bought it so bugger em....?

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    Hey guys,

    To answer your question, I have to honestly say I have no idea what solutions the Eidos "powers that be" are looking into. I don't know if a recall will be announced or what. I've heard rumors, but nothing concrete. As some of you may know, it takes a LONG time for information to trickle down to CS/Tech Support. As soon as I have a definitive answer, I will let you know. Until then, all I can do is remind you all that I can return the game for you, and swap it for different Eidos title, or an unopened copy.

    Sorry I don't have anything more to report.

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    Unhappy I 2 have had probs

    I too have had problems with this game crashing. I'm only on the fortress level and it's beginning to become unreasonable. FYI- I have an older X box (first 6 months). Put me on a beta test team and I'd be happy to document all issues. If you'd like any additional info on my console feel free to contact me.

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    Thumbs Down level 8 crash

    when I come out of the tunnel on level 8, before I set the C4, it doesn't matter if I go right or left, AK47 or not, facing it whatever it, will freeze over and over.

    my Xbox was manufactured in August of 2004

    I feel that this game wasn't tested as well as they say!!! for so many people to be having this problem, you need more testers, and test on all the different system modifications that microsoft made, this will be overkill but you will keep you customers happy with uncrashable games and help you to keep on getting the millions you make off us. please contact if you need a few more tester for new games...I will crash, it if it will crash!!!!

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    Just in case someone is keeping crash stats, I too had crashes on ALL of the levels mentioned in the previous posts.

    1. At the napalm strike on the two pill boxes (and additional machine gun emplacement) - three times

    2. In front of the "Welcome To Hell" Castle - twice

    3. C4 at the gas tanks. I am about to try my fifth attempt at this one.

    The crashes are the only thing IMO that keep this game from being an all time fave.

    Oh...and just out of curiosity...did anyone else get an instruction manual that is stapled out of order and the borders off set? The first page in the manual is page 7 and the table of contents is midway through the book...furthermore...the margins are incorrectly set and the first three letters of each line on the left side are cut off.


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    Exclamation Wish I would have read this first!

    Same goes for me. I'm on the level where the aircraft napalm's the bunkers with no effect. i've actually been through the tunnels and destroyed everything, seems like it keeps freezing in the same area, right as I set the C4 to enter the POW camp. Has Edios and Guerilla ever determined what they are going to do? I just bought this game last weekend, so now I feel I wasted my money. And me being in the military thought this would have been a cool game. Any words of wisdom edios?

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    X Box Lock up on Mission 8

    Been thru 3 copies of the game already - all have the problem - so exchanging for another copy won't do the trick...trying the turn left in stead of right hack - we'll let y'all know if it works for us...

    Any other levels that have similar problems?

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    X box and mission 8

    left instead of right - no help - done platesting this one, for $50 bucks, it should work...contacting CS for return/refund - not interested in another copy - been thru 3 already - this is clearly a logic bug, not hardware/burn related...

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