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Thread: Official Launch Date revealed

Official Launch Date revealed

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    yeah i think GTA: SA will get it

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    I know I'm alone on this, but I hate the Grand theft auto games. Especially the new one, I hate the character you have to be.

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    why because hes black??

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    no because the game promotes gang violence.<post edited by moderator>

    Note From Moderator:

    Gang violence is bad thing in general, and it is fair to debate whether our industry promotes violence or merely reflects it. However, such crime cuts across the entire racial spectrum in our country. Any comments associating such activity with any ethnic group, however innocent or well intentioned, can be found to be offensive and don't belong here.

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    I'd have to Kinda agree with Spades, im not to interested in GTA either, its the same thing over and over only with upgraded features and new people, besides that its the same plot and everything, and to some people (Like me) It can get very old, very quick.

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    This is kinda a dumb question to ask, hopefully SOMEONE will help answer it...Do bodies stay through the game? or do they just dissappear right away after they're killed? cause if they dissappear...that'd suck...

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    i dont think they disapeer cause in the gameplay videos when you shoot them they fall down and stay there
    but i couldnt tell you cause i havent played the game.

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    Well thats better than they dissappear i guess...

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    on the official site click the Brit flag and it says release date is Sep 05

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    them cheaters.... Why are all the Foreign ones updated but not US!! i think Eidos hates us..... *cries*

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    ^^^ lol its ok man my shoulder is always available for you to crie on! haha j/m but anyways i wonder why every single site is updated except for ours! it makes me mad! they said they would update our site before the game comes out and the game is coming out in like a im expecting that they will update the site like WOAH and they better or they are just...well...whack!

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    I think they don't update cause we people complain too much. IMO

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    a WEEK?! are you kidding me?!!? try like 3 weeks!

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    I thought it gets released Sep. 3

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    Oh, i live in the US, so yeah, for europe and stuff, yeah the 3rd, but the US has to wait till Sept. 14th....

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    lol, yeah its comin gout the 14th, Europe is getting it on the 3rd

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    comes out the 14th, but should be in stores the 17th.

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    yeah, but im going to EB on the first day to pick up my copy, cause im smart and i Pre-ordered!

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    Lucky punks man i live here in Japan and the games dont come out until like a Month later in the BX...because we live on this gay Airbase so i think im juss gonna order one off the site or something and for them to send it over here is ANOTHER 2 weeks...jesus

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    Boy...that sucks.... you gotta basically wait till like october to get it

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    AH dont worry though, you'll get it, it just takes time...Patience is a Virtue my Grasshopper...

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    Big Grin

    ^^^ yes master yoda

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    DAMN RIGHT! now drop and give me 100!!!

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