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Commandos 2: Men of Courage Modding - Modnames

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    If you want unlimited ammo it is an easy fix. Take the original macro files found in MACROS folder and rename them then move them to the active game folder.

    rifle.mac can be changed to riflealeman.mac to give unlimited ammo like the allied soldiers' rifles. The graphics change to the Allied Enfiled .303 no matter if you edit the file either.

    This works for pistols too. pistola.mac changed to pistolaalemana.mac gives unlimited ammo but shows graphics of the .45 and not the Luger. Great for when Lupin or Spooky have no pistol.

    Submachine guns works the same. Use metralleta.mac renamed metralletaalemana.mac to give unlimited ammo.

    In Japanese missions use rifle.mac as riflejapo.mac for unlimited ammo. Use pistola.mac as pistolajapo for unlimited ammo.

    Better yet change metralleta.mac to pistolajapo.mac and you get unlimited ammo submachineguns in jap missions.

    Open to edit the files riflefrancoal.mac and riflefrancoja.mac. At the top you see:

    TOKEN Token
    POSMUNDO PosMundo
    NUMERO NumUnidades 1
    NUMERO CantMunicion 5

    Change the number to 10 and you will find 10 rounds on dead snipers instead of 5. If you edit the parglobal.dat file at the section:
    ( MAXMUNICIONRIFLEFRANCO INT 10 ) changing it to 30 then Duke and Natacha can carry 30 rounds max. In missions like Paris Duke begins with 30 rounds.

    Extra and unlimited ammo changes the game for the better in my opinion. You are not always thinking up strategies on how to knock off one goon just to get his stinkin 3 rounds of ammo and you can work on other more important things.

    Having the extra or unlimited ammo is like any power- you can use it or not. It changes the scope of the game when Duke and Natacha can be used more and not worry about small ammo amounts. You can use rifles more and not have to rely on allied pistols with unlimited ammo saving rifle ammo.

    MP-40 soldiers carried 6 extra pouches with 32 round magazines plus one in their guns, for example. It moves the game along smoother.