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Your favorite Dragon Quest item

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    I'm always curious about what kinds of neat and interesting DQ items people acquire as fans. What's your favorite item? I'll get the ball rolling first: I'm quite fond of my PS2 Slime controller, and it's going to take center-stage when I get my new shelving put up!
    As a side-project, I've got a binder I'm filling with any kinds of Dragon Warrior / Quest articles I find in old issues of Nintendo Power and the like. Did you guys know that NP did a Dragon Warrior Choose-Your-Own-Adventure? True story.

    What about the rest of ya?

    Oh, and if you want to post pictures, please do!

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    That's cool. At first I thought you ment in game item. XD As for memorbelia. I have a slime bank, it was one of the first items I bought, and it's awesome. He always "slurps" up my change. I really love so many pieces in my collection though XD

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    I don't think I've ever seen the Slime bank, though it makes perfect sense (cents. ha!).

    I promise that pun wasn't planned.

    Maybe I should have said both in-game and IRL item. I'm not even certain what my favorite item would be.... if we're talking consumables only, I suppose the Yggdrasil Leaf is at the top of my list.

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    I would say the Mini Medals are my favorite because one can exchange them for awesome and more valueable ones!