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Thread: Build your own pillars

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    Big Grin Build your own pillars

    Hi all. Finally I joined my favorite hobby with my favorite game, and designed a paper model based on the LOK series. And now I bring to you... Drums please...

    The build it yourself Pillars of Nosgoth kit, in corrupted and uncorrupted versions!! They look great and you know what's best? They fit in your wallet, your back pocket, anywhere, because you can fold them flat (without ruining them). I used a paper modeling style called "Origamic Architecture", that enables you to fold it like a card, and when you unfold it everything "pops up", like those children's books.

    I hope you all enjoy assembling them, its easy to cut, tricky to fold, but when you're out and have nothing to do, just take it out of your wallet and remember all the goot times you had playing the game. Or you can mail it to a friend, write your favorite LOK quote on it, do what you wish, it's a JPG file that you can edit anywhere. Just resize to fit your paper size, print it and give it a try.

    Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, I don't have a place to host the images, so is anyone willing to receive the files by email and host it anywere so everyone can get it? (I really don't want to email them to everyone that wants it) The corrupted/uncorrupted files are about 170Kb each, and there's a instruction JPG about 100Kb (that will be ready as soon as my brother gets home with his digital camera).

    I guess that's everything. I hope everyone likes it.

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    wow..i'd love to have one of those. but sadly, i'm no good at such things. didn't quite get the instructions, but didn't read them that carefully (just woke up )

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    Thumbs Up Nice!

    Very good Idea I quite like the thought of having my own Pillars
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    That’s excellent, I know what I will be doing in the coming days!

    All the best,

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    I just added some pictures of other paper models I made. These are the real thing, not simple popup children's book things (they may look good, but aren't as tridimensional as what you'll see below)

    These 3 are some familiar faces from Final Fantasy 7
    The mighty Cloud
    Our beloved Aeris

    The evil Sephiroth
    They were painted with a crappy water based ink, and the paper was almost water proof, so you see the result Oh yeah, and their eyes are missing because I wouldn't be able to paint them in the detail I wanted. I'll print and glue them next time I install the game.

    These other 2 are from the multiplayer game Counter Strike
    Phoenix connection going "fire in the hole"
    Leet krew
    I could have printed them all with the textures from the game, but my printer is out of coloured ink, BW only . All models are standing on a CD case so you see how big they are.

    What I really wanted was to get the 3D models from Defiance or SR2 (the ones with more detail). Then I would be able to build my own action figures, in any pose I wanted. But I have no idea how to get them out of the bigfile.dat file, that has everything in the game... If anybody knows please tell me. And enjoy the pics

    EDIT: fixed a link

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    those FFs are great! they look just like the real ones from the game! and they have no faces

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    Thank you Card , I actually made them from the 3D models of the game, using a program that "unfolds" the 3D data into a printable version ready to assemble. I believe I can do this with ANY game, as long as I can export the 3D model to a file format compatible to this program. That's the only reason why I haven't made a Raziel and Kain models. I must have their 3D model files first.
    The reason the FF models have no faces is right under the links.

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    Card is right, They really are great

    If I was to have a Queen to help me rule my Empire, it would have to be FF 7's Aeris
    Do you not feel with all your soul how we have become like gods? And as such, are we not indivisible? As long as a single one of us stands, we are legion.~Kain

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    does anyone still have the images on file the links no longer work.

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    I guess not. This was before I joined too.

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    It's not the pillars, but perhaps this would suffice:

    You could always extract the pillars with ModelEx and see if this person would convert them to paper models for you.
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