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The TimeSplitters 2 Network

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    The TimeSplitters 2 Network

    Just thought I'd chime in here and give out the new address to The TimeSplitters 2 Network:

    We have a new Board on the Forums dedicated to the upcoming TimeSplitters 3 (Future Perfect) which includes a Wish List of things we'd like to see in it.

    As always, I'm still accepting Fan Art and MapMaker Maps, as well as anything TimeSplitters related.

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    I've been to your site, it's awesome. Hope to see that character profile page completed soon, I'm dying to get a good picture of robofish. BTW, I liked your site so much I linked to it on my homepage, the sniper clan. I don't expect you to, but perhaps you could link to me as well? I'm trying to make a giant TimeSplitters network linking as many TS sites together as possible. My homepage is below\/
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