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Thread: Answers to questions from the Defiance team

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    I wonder if Kain will get some of the Dark gifts from Raziel, since his soul (as the wraith blade) has gone into Kain to heal him.
    That's a little different. In SR1. BO2, and defiance it was anactive thing. Kain and Raziel actively fed on the soul/blood essence of the gift. While in Raziel and Kains case in Defiance, Kain was a passive recipient. He didn't fead/reave the WB, it was forced on him. There's no telling whether it changed him in any way other than purifying him.

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    8. How can the wraith blade be sucked into the blood Reaver with Raziel's soul, wouldn't that mean that there
    are two souls in there?

    The purified wraith blade that Raziel possesses is not drained into the Soul Reaver along with Raziel. In order for Kain to become purified by the wraith blade that contains the purity, the wraith blade must be dispersed or released from its imprisonment into Kain. Thus in that one single moment Raziel is simultaneously trapping himself within the Reaver but as well finally freeing himself from thousands of years of torment.

    i believed this all along.. nice to have it confirmed.

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    First off thanks to the defiance team for some well needed clarifications, but i have a question of my own.

    since Raziel has free will due to his recreation does Janos/his posessed version have free will due to his ressurection? and does his posesser still follow the rules of fate?


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    Always nice to read some about it.


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    Thanks for answering these questions for me Chris.

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    albeit he was different than any other Vampire and even unique, specifically in that he was the only one to develop leathery bat wings.
    He wasn't different, he was still the same vampire, it was just that somehow time had chosen him. And he wasn't unique UNTIL his remaking.

    Also, the bat wing uniqueness isn't valid, because Dumah was unique in that he developed Constriction, something Kain didn't have. Rahab was able to swim, when no other vampire could. Melchiah could phase through objects when no other vampire could. How do wings make him unique? If anything he isn't the first vampire to have wings.

    Souls in the LOK world can change and evolve at times
    Says who?

    similar and in connection to ones own physical being
    Actually, Raziel said that the physical beings evolution is a reflection of the souls connection to the underworld, not their drinking of blood.

    then later evolve into Vampire Wraiths
    But, the Wraiths of SR1 were not the same as Raziel. And the Archons were different as well. As well as the Slaugh.

    and later be purified while being attuned to specific elemental energies
    I only know of 6 that are attuned to an elemental energy, and they weren't corrupt.

    The Hylden themselves were likely not always green fiery soul possessing dark entities but originally were something entirely opposite before due to their banishment the Demon Dimension changed their essence and body
    We know their bodies changed from the DImension (whiuch arguably isn't a natural evolution, but more of a forced change due to environment). But we don't know if it changed their essence. For all we know they always could possess people.

    he died and then returned as a unique being that was not a Vampire Wraith
    Last I checked he was in fact a Vampire wraith. He feeds on souls, used to be a vampire, and is a ghost with no physical body.

    a type of creature that is in between in the spectrum of Hylden and Vampires
    But there is nothing that even hints at that.

    Even so this deduction is but based on the evidence of him having a hybrid destiny
    I could be destined to free the Chinese from their plight, and revolutionize China and make it a global and universal super power.

    Does that mean I am chinese? You can have a destiny, while still not being part of the group. If I remember correctly though, CD has said many times Raziel is not a Hylden OR an Ancient.

    and his unique abilities
    What unique abilities? You mean flight, it's not unique. Or phasing/swimming/climbing/etc? He gained those frmo OTHER vampires. Feeding on souls? It's not unique. The ONLY thing unique about Raziel is his free will, and the Ancients didn't have that, nor as the Q&A states, did the Hylden.

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    Thank you very much Jen, Kyle, and Chris. Very cool news to come back to.

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    Thanks you for taking the time to answer those questions!

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    Souls in the LOK world can change and evolve at times

    Says who?
    Amy Hennig in Game Informer Issue 77 (September 1999).

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    "Souls can evolve"


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    better than no explanation at all, I guess...

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    probably been answered, but....

    ...start of sr2, wraith blade is disabled by moebius's staff right, and the staff disables vampires (as soon by kain near the start of defiance).

    the warith blade is raziels soul right, as said at the end of sr2, so why isnt raziel affected by said staff? surley their souls would be the similar at that point (no purity i mean)

    i can understand everything else, except that really.

    me so confused
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    Thanks Guys. it clears alot for me. your the best!

    Luv KITG
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    KAIN: I seem to have failed.....

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    Souls can evolve:
    Remember Vampire Wraiths? These were souls that lingered around for a lot of time ->evolving into a Vampire Wraith
    Also, i'm quite certain that Sluagh are similar in terms of creation...

    Now, how could Vorador be alive in BO2, while he had his head chopped off so visually in BO1?
    Here's my thoughts. Pure Logic.
    BO1. Vorador is terminated. End of the line.
    Defiance. Kain is transported to BO1 time.
    After Kain has mumbled something about bitter hope, he sets flight to the Slaughtering Site. Maybe he gets a tingly feeling in his ear, where Vorador's Ring is seeking for his master.
    During his long periods of evolution, Kain has already mastered the Soul Reanimation elik shown on Raz&Co. Now My scenario falls into two:
    a) Kain uses a part of his soul to revive Vorador. All is hunky-dory. Vorador goes on creating an army of vampires for Kain(jr.), forming Cabal etc etc
    b) Kain has learned an advanced method of reanimation, which he uses to resurrect Vorador, who goes on to create...

    And there you have it
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    Smile RE: the original post

    Not bad.

    I laughed at #23. Chris knows where to send my royalties.

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    Thanks guys,that cleared up a lot of stuff.
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    Could you pin this so that no one repeats the mistakes of the past?

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    Originally posted by BigKevSexyMan
    Could you pin this so that no one repeats the mistakes of the past?
    This thread will not be "pinned" to the top of the forum. It will, however, be archived with the other noteworthy threads in the Legacy of Kain Archive.

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