Fist time poster on this site. Thought I would share a little project I had been working on for the last few months. Originally posted on Those who love FF will love this..

Please read before downloading the file. Thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you to a few of people who have helped me with this project.

shindo7 (NA), Thank you for the terrific translation work. Obviously couldn't have been done without you. Hope you like the games!

fsped09 (NA), Thank you for you help, and guidance with the print costs. I really appriciate it.

vladictivo (NA), Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction for the artwork in the manual. You did a great job on the cover!

I am making this manual free for all to enjoy. I have decided to give a little back to the community for all the good times they you all have provided. Thank you all!

I have poured 100+ hours of my own time, over the last few months putting this together. I really hope you guys like it!

While I am not requiring any kind of payment, I will except 'donations' (of sorts) to show your appriciation for the work done (this money will go towards my next translation project). If you decide to donate, I thank you very much. If not, that's okay too..

I will request that those who will be selling this item for a profit, i.e. on ebay or personal sales site send a donation to my paypal. Please give credit where credit is due. It only seems fair. Thanks.

Donate to Paypal:

Again, thank you to everyone that has helped with this project. (I may be needed your services again in the very near future..)

Please post what you think of the manual.

Don't forget to print a copy for yourself. Feel free to spread this around to other forums. I would like this sent to as many people as possible. You can copy and paste this message. Thanks.