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MapMaking Tool!!

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    MapMaking Tool!!

    I was browsing the Eidos MapMaker site, and you can download tiles! Unfortunately, they are all a separate file, and in a zipped folder, which limits mobility. I have combined all of them into one file.

    NOTE:Some of the tiles which have a large(light blue) opening on the side all look the same in some places, so I saw no need to copy them multiple times.

    NOTE:I have not recreated any items/lights yet. They are coming in the next version. This is kind of a "precurser" to the actual file, to see what kind of feedback, and if you guys would be interested in me finishing it.

    This is just as easy to use as editmap, but you can use it in paint, or another image software! It is in bmp. format, though, so you will probably want a gif converter, and I will provide a link to the one I use. If you have used your mapmaker on TS2, you should be able to assemble a map with little to no hassles. I marked a piece, and I plan on marking every piece in the end.(excluding 2nd floor tiles)

    GIF Converter:ReaConverterPro

    MapTool!:My Map Tool!

    EDIT: *Sigh* My RipWay account is not good enough for me to upload the bmp, so I'm posting the gif. Open it in paint, and save as...a 256 color bitmap. Then you SHOULD be able to use it..just remember to convert your maps after you're done to save space.

    If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to post them here!


    Thanks for any input, and I hope this makes recreating your maps a lot easier.(maybe I'll finally get some good new maps to recreate!)

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    I'd really appreciate it if I could get some feedback on this...I
    really think it would be helpful....btw, version 2.0 is almost done...
    I've got health, armor, guns and ammo items done, and I've
    almost numbered all the tiles.


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    Wow, thanks a lot for those invisiSniper! I'm going to use them to post images of floor plans to some of my best levels! And my sniping level to.
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    Originally posted by DrkSnpr14
    ... And my sniping level to.
    !!! SCORE !!!

    *looks around* What?

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    Yes! Replies! I really can't wait to see some of your maps! I'm running into a problem, though. Some of the pieces aren't the same width, or height. Nothing a little editing can fix, though!
    I'm working hard to fix this and the other flaws in it.

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    Version 1.5 is up!!!! Every item is up, except for the non-key story items, and the numbering on tiles 18 and on. I figured you guys might take it upon yourselves that you could put numbers on it if it was one of those. ok, here is the link for it.
    have fun, and lets see some maps!

    EDIT:*smacks head* Sorry for the DP! Now I look like a spamming n00b!

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    Excellent! This is wonderfull invisiSniper. This makes my job a lot easier. Thanks a bunch.

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    ok, to use the tool, first we will need to convert it to .bmp form. You should have also downloaded the ReaConverter, or another image conversion software. I'm going to explain how to convert files in RCP. Open RCP, and using the left window, navigate to find the file(in this will be tileset2) whereever you've saved it. once you've located it, highlight it by clicking it once. click add to file list, and then at the top click the Step 3 tab(Specify Save Perimeters). Click the .bmp bubble, and at the top, click browse. (where it says destination window) find where you ant to save the new converted gif file, and then click Start.(at the bottom)
    a new window should pop up asking are you sure you want to convert. Click yes, and then a new window should pop up saying the file has been converted. click close, and then close out of RCP. Go to where you saved your new .bmp, and open it in paint. then to move pieces around, you click on the dotted line box, and outline what you want to use, and drag it to the workspace. asssemble your map like this. If you need to rotate a piece and number, to do this go to image at the top, and edit/rotate you should rotate the piece as needed. To get in closer to your work, click the magnifying glass, or go to view, then zoom, and the desired zoom level. I hope this helped solve any problems you may have had about either RCP or using my program in paint. If you have any more problems or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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    All I did, was save it as it is, have it open in the paint program, copy a box around what I need, and paste it into a new picture. Kind of like piecing together a puzzle. Then, I had to convert it into a JPEG, so I could upload it and post it.

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    Are you saying that the map you posted was using my mapmaker tool?

    If you follow my directiions, it will look like mine.

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    He had to compress it, therefor lowering the quality. And he made it before version 2, therefor he drew his own items I believe.

    Time to find a new host DS .

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    Originally posted by Whiplord

    Time to find a new host DS .
    I would, but the one I have now is free, and that's a lot cheaper then paying. And the Canadian dollar isn't worth that much.

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    Thumbs Up

    WOW! THis thing ROCKS! Great job, InvisiSniper!