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Thread: 2004 LOK ART CONTEST - Post Art here!!

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    Smile 2004 LOK ART CONTEST - Post Art here!!

    Hello Artists!

    Back by popular demand, we're having another Legacy of Kain series Art Contest! Any original piece of artwork based on the Legacy of Kain series is welcome. Submissions can be drawings, computer art, paintings, sculptures, metalwork or any other art-related piece you can come up with. The deadline for the contest is April 15th, 2004 and will be judged by some members of the Defiance Team, Umah and myself. Judging will take place over the next week.

    Now for the rules:

    * Submission images need to be kept at or below 500 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall and 100 KB in file size if you're going to post them directly in the forum. If you don't wish to size your image in this manner, feel free to post a link to the full-sized image. (Posting a small thumbnail that links to the full-sized image is also acceptable).

    * Acceptable image formats include: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp or .png. Any file that prompts a download will not be judged.

    * No plagairism, image theft or bandwith leeching. Submissions must be of your own creation and not someone else's. Additionally, please host images on your own webspace and link to your own webspace. Remote-linking (aka bandwith leeching) will result in disqualification.

    * Appropriate imagery only! Submissions must comply with the TOU of our community. Also, please keep your submissions PG-13 or below.

    * Only one entry per person. Any of you who submit multiple entries from different forum member names, will be disqualified.

    The Prizes are as follows:

    1st Place: Raziel Statue
    2nd Place: LOK: Defiance Poster signed by some members of the Defiance team and a Defiance Beanie
    3rd Place: Soul Reaver 2 Crew T-shirt and SR1 Strat guide
    4th Place: Raziel action figure
    5th Place: Kain action figure

    I will do my best to get as many members of the Defiance team to sign all the above prizes!

    Miscellaneous Information:

    * This thread is reserved for final entries only! A contest discussion thread has been set up here:

    * Rate your submission by using the following resources:

    (If you live outside of North America and have a different rating system, use ratings that are comparable to what is provided on these two sites).

    * If you need help resizing or reoptomizing (including file size and image formats), or need assistance hosting your submission, contact Umah via private channels and she can help you out.

    * Any questions, comments or other concerns regarding any of the above can be brought to my attention via PM's, email or AIM or Umah's attention via PM's or email. (This information can be reviewed in our forum profiles).

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

    Christopher Bruno ~ QA Manager ~ Crystal Dynamics ~ Mastering ~ Eidos Inc

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    Here you go.I hope this does well because it kept me in on a saturday night!Addictive stuff,fdrawing.Anyway... My Kain Pic

    "Go to your master then,I release you to the wheel."-Raziel

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    This is my effort

    My Piccie

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    Okay be nice * sits worried* told you i couldn't draw but i had this image in me head and just had to give it a go. so this is my entry for what it's worth

    My RPG Character GALEN

    If first link don't work try this

    this is my Character in the RPG.

    again be nice *cowers in courner*


    (whoops wrong link )

    PS sorry for crap image. scanner is broke. had to use me camara

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    I've changed my mind.

    Ariel's Spirit

    It's based on my serie of Spirits.

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    Think I still like the first one.

    back to square one.

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    Just a reminder for those of you who didn't/don't take the time to read the initial post of Chris@Crystal:


    This thread is reserved for submissions only! Any comments you wish to make can be done in the Art Discussion thread as advised by Chris@Crystal. Four comments have been moved to the appropriate thread. Please keep the discussion there.


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    Here's my picture. Drew it and then took a picture of it using a camera and modified it on PSP8

    Vengeance fulfilled
    "I stepped out. I did not step down."

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    My image is an oil painting...

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    here is my submission. I was inspired by the buildings, which I had seen under the water in Soul Reaver 2.....


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    Seeing as how everyones was better than mine, and probably still is, I changed my picture.

    Redeemer and Destroyer

    Edit--fixed link, should work now.

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    My Raziel <~~~~(Art Contest Entry) I drew from the §oul Reaver II manual cover.

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    Draliseth ~ Please do not include more than one image in this thread. It may result in your disqualification regardless of which one you designate as your entry. Your second image has been removed in order to comply with the rules of the contest. Thanks.

    "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one;
    'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
    ~ Voltaire

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    Big Grin Finally! The reason I've been invisible for so long…

    My entry.

    Title: The Last Laugh
    Size: 8.5 x 14.25
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas (retouched in Photoshop)

    And just incase the server is down (for whatever reason), here's a secondary link.

    Edit: Added a backup link

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    Alright, I managed to finish something new, so here is my entry. Someone at DeviantART called him "Raziel of the Rockies" and I like that alternate title, lol. I think the murals of SR2/LoKD inspired this one, if it isn't obvious. The background was inspired by scenery in the Pacific Northwest (North America). I wonder if anyone can guess which mountain inspired one of the ones in the picture actually, hah. Probably not. Tools: Painter 7, Photoshop 7 and a Wacom Graphire. (does bashing my head on my tablet count? Wings are EBIL!!)

    Raziel: "Where are my skiis?!"

    No, I am not very funny, though I try. Oh well.. onto the actual entry... I give you; Raziel, EH!

    "Angel of Death - Raziel" - by Esoteric

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    Can I post a pic that I made a while ago, or do they have to be new entries? If it's the former, here's my entry.

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    Noticed there were no sculptures, so thought i'd give it a try...
    (i know it's crap but be nice anyway... )

    Kain sculpture

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    Hi, here is my pic:

    Kain & Umah

    (Poser + Photoshop)

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    My entry : An alternate timeline Umah.

    In case the image doesnt load because the server maxed out or something, please try this backup link.

    Image is a pencil drawing scanned in and colored and enhanced in Paint Shop Pro 7.

    Best of luck to everyone who is participating The entries so far are amazing!

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    This is my very first post in here and I'm very nervous! So please be nice!

    bloody balance

    a bit of blood (just a joke) and watercolors (I know it's not called like this, but hey! I'm foreign! ),-->scanned in,--> PSP7

    MOD EDIT: Signature image removal. Please review the signature image guidelines (2nd post) and resize accordingly. Thanks!

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    Here's my entry. I'm not quite satisfied with how his left arm turned out, but over all its one of my best. It started out as just a new way for eyes and this is what happened.

    Jazeck, The Vampire Assasain.

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    Hi! Here is my submission

    the last paradox

    (Poor Kain... too many paradoxes and now he has a very blue problem.)

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