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Thread: 2004 LOK ART CONTEST - Post Art here!!

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    Hey I've listted below my art

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    Big Grin Art!

    Ok! Here's my submission! (I'm not sure if I'm posting this right but here goes!) PG-13 for blood...

    "Stop stopping the inevitable!"

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    Hi everybody. This is my submission. I hope it's not too late. I'm sorry I asked my sister (eclipse_reaver) to upload it for me before because I didn't have account here. So, here goes...

    Final Battle

    The secondary link:


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    Getting in under the wire here too, I hope it isn't considered late.

    Place of my Rebirth

    No link to devart with it being in read only mode and no uploading. Rawr.

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    The time has come. It is 3:00 AM EST. Thanks to everyone for participating in this contest. Judging will transpire over the next week and the results will be posted as soon as they're in.

    In the meantime, the discussion thread will remain open, however will be unstuck from the top of the forums.

    Good luck everyone!

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