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Thread: 2004 LOK ART CONTEST - Post Art here!!

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    My pic

    and if Yahoo fails...

    As a backup link. Eithe way, their the exact same picture. I just don't put a lot of faith in Yahoo's accessability.

    Don't mind me. There's a lot of 'what if's floating around LoK...and this is one of them.

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    Wink My Submission...

    Ok here is my submission:

    It's a pic of Kain

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    Post My submission

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    This is my submission

    My LoK- pic

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    Here's my entry. Linked to my DeviantArt gallery, because I couldn't manage it otherwhise, sorry.

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    Apr 2004

    3d model of Raziel. (3dsmax6)

    Here my submission. I made the model of Raziel in 3dsmax 6. If you need the max file to judge. I'll be happy to submit it.

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    Apr 2004

    Anime Raziel

    This is my entry for the contest...
    hand-drawn art, painted/reworked in PS.
    I attempted a slight anime shaded look to Raziel:

    Eji's Anime Raziel entry

    Any comments would be appreciated. ^^

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    for the longest time I wanted to submit something new, but I couldnt find a good enough Idea that would take less than a month, but since i couldnt Im going to have to enter something I already have.

    Lieutenant Raziel

    I only have a digital Camera, not a scanner, so sorry that the image is a little crooked. The Picture has not been enchanced on a Computer in anyway, aside from makng it grayscale, because my camera gives off a slight red and green highlight.

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    my entry

    here is my entry..although to see what they are saying, you mighthave to save it and blow it up to the proper size. XD

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    Nice guys always finish last - that must be why Mobius is always the first on everything
    Great character, so my contribution goes to him. Pencils and PS.

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    zombie Guest
    Pencil sketch colored in Paintshop Pro:

    Kain and Raziel kickin' some hylden butt

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    Well I am no artist, and make no claim to be. But.........

    Here is my rather bad attempt at The Pillars of Nosgoth

    Enjoy, if possible


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    Damning the Pillars

    A scene we all know but never ever really saw,
    Damning the Pillars (1280x1024)

    I have made a 3D model of the Pillars collapse. AKA the moment which Kain damned the Pillars to eternal decay.
    I have created this with 3D Studio Max 5 (The Pillars, Mountains, Ariel & Fledgling Kain) and Photoshop 7 for the textures used in the 3D model. The sky background is also created with Photoshop 7.

    -Vae Victus

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    Okay, here’s my attempt:

    Kain Art

    This was a hand drawn piece just scanned into the computer.

    All the best,

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    And here is my fanart
    drawed with pencils and coloured with Photoshop


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    here comes my entry, hope you like it

    Raziels free will

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    Here's my entry...

    Ironical Hierarchy

    Basically, this pic refers to what is revealed in LoK Defiance...

    "Kain killed me once-behold the result. I have no more to fear from you." Raziel - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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    "Kain's Family Photo Album"

    Good luck to everyone!

    - Matt

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    Here's my entry.


    It's 9 x 12 and done entirely in color pencils.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Now on my own

    this is my Raziel Statue i made he with paper and glue and painted he last year
    hope you enjoy it and i´m not to late for the contest


    many thanks at the guys who help me to my registering

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    Crime Against Art

    Well I'm not very good at drawing but ive tried to cover it up with some speical effects :-)

    Hope you like...

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    Big Grin

    Hi ,
    I hope your like my art.

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    fan art and my entry

    hi guys

    I made a drawing of Kain's Adversary.
    Kains Adversary has been resurrected by Janos when he was possesed by the Sarafan Lord. This is why Kains Adversary has the looks of a vamp but the powers of both of the races. With Raziel out of the way he is now the hylden warrior and thus Kains real Adversary

    I draw it with a pencil and then colored it in with photoshop 5.1
    ( I am not to handy with a computer )

    well here is the link

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    Entries posted on behalf of individuals who are unable to post for themselves:


    Vampira's entry.

    Artist Comment(s): "My entry is of Defiance origin. Its the dragon decor thats in Voradors Mansion. The pearls make a cool sound when they knock against the metal." ~ Vampira


    Feraz's Entry

    Artist Comment(s): "Please enjoy it." ~ Feraz


    Spoon's entry.

    Artist Comment(s): None given.

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