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    I bought a copy of AOD and when I got to installing the second disc I get an error saying:

    Cannot find the file

    I tried installing it several times and ended up going back to the shop and getting a replacement. Tried with the new disc's and I get exactly the same error please help ??

    2.2 Athlon
    Gefroce4 128

    Have tried this in 2 CD-ROM Drives and same errors occur. I did a search on the forum and someone has exatcly the same error but it was posted in Jan 2004 and he had no reply.

    Thanks in advance..

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    OK, there is a solution but it's in French.....
    I can understand most of it except for a few things, so I'll try to explain and you'll just have to hope someone else comes along to fill in the blanks (or maybe yourself, I dunno where you are from )...

    OK, I'm talking about this thread if you ever need to send it to someone to translate....

    Before starting, uninstall AOD, delete all the left over folders and clear your TEMP folder!

    1. Create a new folder on your hard disc.
    2. Copy all the contents from CD1 to that folder.
    3. Copy all from CD2 into that same folder except the DATA which you put in a subfolder.
    4. Start the installation with the install.exe (the one you copied onto your hard disc).
    5. When you get the 'Can't find data folder' error, mettre en réduction et copier en remplacement, le data( du cd2) sur ton premier dossier. This one I don't understand, but I think it's something like this: minimalize (or close?) the error window, copy and replace the DATA (from CD2) over your first folder.
    6. Launch the install.exe again by choosing TRY AGAIN, and the installment will finish without a problem.

    Now this explanation is for a 'can't find DATA' error or something.... But the guy with the .CAB error found a way to get this to work....
    He says: wherever it says DATA in the explanation, replace it by RELEAS.CAB... (or that is at least what I think he says )

    I hope this does you some good, and if you can't figure it out yourself, hope for a French speaking person to come help you out....

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    Thank you for you reply
    I will try it and hope it works, however shouldnt a Eidos employee reply to tell me why its doing it ? it cant be the discs so why does it happen. Edios please reply with a solution

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    Don't hold your breath for a reply from an Eidos employee...
    If you want a statement from them, contact the technical service thingy on the homepage...

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    Pretty bad they have not responded to this its been what a week ?? Think I might just get a refund as I tried making the discs onto my hard drive with no luck

    Eidos please help

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    thank you so much

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    yes, that's great

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