Thread: Square Enix: Where is our Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection?

Square Enix: Where is our Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection?

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    Why have you, Square Enix, done nothing to show this remakable milestone of this great series of yours in the west? Don't tell me you've completely abandoned your hopes for the Dragon Quest in west and pulling the series out from localization. Where has the confidence from E3 two years ago gone? With a little marketing and advertising Dragon Quest could be one of the main SE series in the US and Europe alike as it is in Japan.

    Here's a marketing idea from me: Theme: Evolution of RPG

    Start advertising for the series. Focus on the fact that DQ is one of the biggest series in Japan and how the series has a long and amazing history as a trendsetter in RPG. Dragon Quest = RPG. Release the 25th Anniversary Collection alongside Dragon Quest X. That way you give the audience a chance to really experience all the developments between these 25 years. This helps the player to realize how much RPGing has advanced in a long run. The player may find some small but crucial developments made in a past which he hadn't even thought could be missing from a RPG and start to respect those.

    This would also bring audience new to JRPG. These days I find it hard for newbie gamers to get the hang of these long-term genres (excluding platforming): The game mechanics might have become puzzling and delusive and the confusion caused by that might turn the whole game unapproachable. Older games don't have this problem. They are straightforward and have only the main elements of the genre in them. They teach the basics of the RPG through the insight without good for nothing tutorials.

    Take my advice. I implore you!

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    Not bad. Would be a fun marketing scene. If they only release the wii U version, maybe they can offer a limited edition of X that would come with a Download code for this game from the Wii U's eShop. Maybe it would be easier for square if they didn't have to make it retail. Though I'm jealous of the tini medals japan got with it... ;o;

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    I Have already Pre-Ordered the Keyboard, 16GB Flash Drive .. I can use those on Computer if anything I hope, till USA game is out.