This happened to my friend and I thought it was a random occurence, but it happened to me too so I just want others to be aware.

I am in pacific standard time and Gold Slime ends at the new time now at 1am. I started my normal ticket hunt at 12:57am, hoping to catch a silver slime before the event ended. I did manage to catch a Gold Slime along with a few +10 time extension, and when my hunt was over, it was 1:02 am which is past the event closure. When the game try to send the data to the server, an error message occured and it took me back to home page where I received the dreaded message "You cannot play as this user, your account currently restricted."

I believe this is due to the system not recognizing the Gold Slime outside of the event timeframe and flagged me as a hacker. I sent an email to Square Enix Support and now awaiting a response.

Just want others to be aware that there is a glitch in the game.