Thread: FFV for PS3/PSP/PSvita request

FFV for PS3/PSP/PSvita request

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    FFV for PS3/PSP/PSvita request

    Square Enix please make the Final Fantasy V PS1 Classic compatible with PSVITA

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    Do you know how many final fantasies 5 exist in different platforms?

    Now you want in the Dust Vita?

    If they were really interested would be there.

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    It's a PS1 classic dude, Final Fantasy Origins and Final Fantasy VI can be played on Vita

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    FFV for PS3/PSP/PSvita request

    Square Enix, fix the PS1 Classic Final Fantasy V so it can be downloaded onto the Vita!

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    PS1 Classics must match the original release, they can't fix the save glitch since it exists in the original release. What they can do is they make a new version and release it as a Vita or PSP game like they did with FF3.

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    What save glitch?

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    And as long as it's not a crappy 3D remake like FF III

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    I found this on the FFV wikipedia
    the save glitch only occured when the game was played on the PS2 and the greatest hits release that bug was fixed

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    For some reason the PSN release didn't use the Greatest Hits version, it was based on the original version that has the glitch. Happens on both PSP & PS3. It could be the reason why it's not made compatible with Vita.

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    Sony could fix it by switching out the original release for the greatest hits version

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    seriously though it's like Square Enix purposely let Sony put up the original version instead of the patched greatest hits version

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    I have never(beaten) played Final Fantasy V. (And it is the only main title i have not played and beaten.)

    I ask if SE can please port the iOS version of FFV to the PS3 online store (PSN) or the PSP, or even the PSvita.

    I would spend the absurd price of the vita just to finally play this classic.

    I currently own FFV and FFVI via "FF Anthology" but a seperate solid game would be ideal.

    If i could own FFV in a hard copy form on PSP or PSVita that would be ideal, but I know SE and i know the gaming industry and that just isnt viable.

    So i simply make this request that at the very least port it to the PSN network so I can at least play the game.

    I refuse to play a main series title on the super small screen of the iOS, and with its limited functionality.

    ***Here is hoping to not getting completely ignored***

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    The PS1 version is on PSN but not compatible with VITA

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    Originally Posted by imported_Derek

    The PS1 version is on PSN but not compatible with VITA

    Completely not what I am asking for at all what so ever.

    Please do not give SE incentive not to even consider what I am requesting.

    I would like to enjoy this game on a real system not a phone.

    I already own FFV (for PS1) and can play it. That is not what I desire.

    I want a port of the iOS version (the FFV full HD remake) on PSP/PS3/PSVita.

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    I don't think iPad has a small screen besides you can connect it to the HDTV.

    But seeing as Chaos Rings (a game that was exclusive to smartphones/tablets) is being released on PlayStation Mobile for Vita, the other games might follow.

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    Daniolaut... do you seriously know what you are asking
    The iOS release of Final Fantasy V was awful, the character sprites were poorly done, the character portraits leaked out of the text box

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    ..... if you dont buy video games please do not comment.

    I know what I am asking, I know why am asking it.

    If you do not agree that is fine. Why would you want SE to make less money (aside from the fact you dont buy their games at all.)

    This is a cheap way for them to make more money. If i wanted it on my phone I would buy it. I do not want it on my phone, and i would prefer it on hard copy form aside from anthology.

    Its a simple request to a main title. I dont think its very difficult its not costly, and will only be revenue.

    Sure by placing the game on the iOS more people are opt to buy it, but again its not difficult to place it in a box and sell extra copies to people who prefer normal gaming.

    They are porting their new games to different systems, why not their older remakes?

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    I hate the iOS port for the exact same reasons as Tsuko85. But on the other hand, this port DOES use the original Super Nintendo sound track, unlike the GBA version.

    If they released it on something other than a mobile phail, I'd probably buy it. Right now though, the GBA port is the definitive version.

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    It's the same soundtrack, the difference is the sound quality. The iOS version has better sound quality.

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    Final Fantasy V PS1 Classic is finally available on the VITA

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    Originally Posted by Tsuko85
    Final Fantasy V PS1 Classic is finally available on the VITA
    That's great and everything.... but it's the naff PSX version from years back...

    Why can't they port the GB ADVANCE version??? Prettier graphics, extra content/dungeons etc...

    I think it'll hold off until then...

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    I would like a Final Fantasy V with 3D.

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    Originally Posted by _Ven4_
    I would like a Final Fantasy V with 3D.
    As long as S-E does it correctly and they don't turn it into garbage like the remake of Final Fantasy III

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    Who's the one agreeing with an Ps4 remake? Higher graphics like FFXIV, Battles in the way of FFX and the Same history, characters, Jobs and abilities like on the original. It would be majestic. A great game with gameplaying at his level