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Thread: Official Defiance Reviews Thread **SPOILERS**

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    The game was great. I really enjoyed the new camera system. I NEVER had a problem with it. And it added to the cinematic experience.

    The risks they took with the story were amazing, I really like what they did with the characters. I can't wait for the next installment. Thankfully they left some questions to explore.

    I do however have a huge problem with the amount of bugs in the game. Raziel and enemies getting stuck in walls (it never happened with Kain), sound effects not kicking in, the constant looping cinematic bug and the
    I can go on.

    The last two games in the series had major bug problems as well but this seems to be the worst. Every game has its problems but I have NEVER played a console game where I had to restart because of bugs twice. Some better playtesting would have made it a flawless game for me.

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    I apologize if this thread was not really meant for discussion and I am kind of hogging space.

    Laura-how far are you from LA/Southern CA? If not too far, you might want to keep your eye out on the performance schedule of LA Theatre Works-readings/audio plays done before a live audience, that sort of thing.
    I'm on their mailing list praying for notification of something that Mr. Templeman is actually in.

    I still get the urge to repeatedly bash my head against a wall every time I am reminded of a Q&A Ben passed on from Amy and Simon Templeman in which Simon said one of his favorite roles was when he did Hamlet some years ago. Hamlet is my absolute FAVORITE play. ;_;

    Second, what happened to Moebius’ trademark voice? It wasn’t nearly as “whiny” this time around... I also found this distracting.
    Oh my gosh, I wondered the same thing! I loved Richard Doyle's conniving Moebius voice in Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 1. Moebius sounded so TOUGH in Defiance, though! *laughs*

    In a day and age when intelligent, substantive stories are rarely found, scarcely appreciated, and so desperately needed, The Legacy of Kain is a shinning example of what contemporary myth making can be.
    Here, here. I don't understand why people like you aren't writing intelligent previews and whatnot instead of the morons that revere sports games at Official PlayStation Magazine who accuse Legacy of Kain as being "too dramatic" and wondered if they were "getting too old to appreciate it."

    I remeber overhearing an episode of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" that had Simon Templeman in it that my parents were watching. I ran into room and was like "Holy , that's Kain!"
    I've had experiences exactly like that. I often hear Michael Bell on commercials (usually Zales, some kind of juice brand, and some others) and occasionally narrating various entertainment industry-based documentaries. Last Halloween I caught Tony Jay narrating a show on paranormal science and supernatural phenomena and I continue to hear him on commercials for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters association.

    I didn't think they could top the twist at the end of SR2, the way they placed Mobieus and Malek at the end, the way Raziel ended his own life and started himself on this path, the way everything unfolded, even Kain's miscalculation when pulling the reaver from Raziel.
    Oh man, yeah, that moment is really tough to top. Just another one of the reasons why I revered Soul Reaver 2 and why I love Crystal Dynamics so much.

    The ending scene between Kain and Raziel? Still gets me misty.
    Good to know I'm not the only one.

    Kain had found in his "co-conspirator against fate" a loyal servant, an abstract version of a son, and dare we say it - a friend. I'm not sure that's a word Kain had ever been able to use in his lifetime. It's even sadder to realize that the moment they both realized the connection they shared was the same moment when they realize they will never meet in such a way ever again. Just tears you up inside, doesn't it?
    My thoughts exactly. Just discussing it makes me want to leap back into the other room and play it again.

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    Thumbs Up

    I want to start off by saying to the crystal dynamics team "Great Job!" I actually like the camera work, and besides having to work around a few places to get things to work properly (like having to place Kain/Raziel in odd places so that I could have the TK switch visible since the TK bullseye would stop at the edge of the visible screen - you should see the hand positions I had to make to position the character and aim the bullseye).

    Also, this is the first time I have seen a console give a alloc error (memory management anyone?). I got it:

    It was nice to see consistency in game play. Defiance has all the features of the SR series combined with some of the features used in BO2. I always liked the long jump feature in BO2. It was good to see Kain's esthetics were retained. Also,
    KAIN'S MIST DODGE ABILITY IS BY FAR ONE OF THE KOOLEST COMBAT MOVES EVER! Kain was by far my favorite character to play because of this!

    That was the best two days I ever lost to a video game.

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    Originally posted by moriarti
    That was the best two days I ever lost to a video game.
    Amen to that

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    Great game....

    Tell me about it. I still have my 9-5 job, so I went to work functioning on 2 hours of sleep each night (or should I say nap). I had passed out in front my computer after the 2nd day. But really, they should have been amazed that I made it in at all. Had it been earlier in the year, I would have taken the day off just so I could play it through straight...

    For anyone interested to check it out, I've made my own Raziel sculpture - it ended up being larger than the action figure in size. It's on my site at under Sculptures....


    "-- What was a king to do?"
    -- Kain, Legacy of Kain: Defiance

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    Thumbs Up

    I absolutelly loved the game, took me 3 days to finish it. Only because one of my roommates decided to also play it and saved over my game.

    That ok though.

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    The game is alright. I like it so far. But my complaints or whatever you want to call them would go to the new camera angles. Sure it adds a cinematic feeling but it often times interferes with the gameplay. Besides that, this game is awsome. The first Legacy of Kain is still the best though by far .

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    Re: Questions

    Originally posted by Soulfire
    What is this code and what in blazes does Vae Victus mean? Please forgive my ignorance but I'd like to know - I feel so out of the loop.

    Vae Victus: Suffering to the conquored

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    You guys have outdone yourselves once again. Wonderful!
    I love the new camera ; very cinematic.(it did take a little getting used too at first) I just finished this morning & was just blown away by the ending.

    Thanks eidos/CD & everyone involved
    You should be proud

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    Thank you for the compliment.

    Originally posted by LauraOrganaSolo
    Here, here. I don't understand why people like you aren't writing intelligent previews and whatnot instead of the morons that revere sports games at Official PlayStation Magazine who accuse Legacy of Kain as being "too dramatic" and wondered if they were "getting too old to appreciate it."
    Indeed. I have found it a common means of defense among the infantile and feebleminded to project their own feelings of inadequacy upon the people or things which cause them to realize said inadequacies. I apologize in advance to those intelligent sports and/or fighting game fans out there, but I find that the vast majority of video games, along with most films and contemporary literature, are flooded with senseless drivel meant to provide hollow excitement to underused minds. It is a sad fact that Eidos will probably bring in more money with “Backyard Wrestling” than with LOK: Defiance, and this is a disheartening reflection of the public audience. Alas, this is an old story with a long history and should hardly come as a surprise. What is surprising, however, is that despite the money to be made on superfluous sexuality and violence divorced and devoid of artistic content, a company like Crystal Dynamics is committed to producing a product of superior quality and value. Bravo once again to everyone involved with this worthwhile project.
    And Hash'ak'gik spoke unto the world and all who heard trembled- Book of the Unspoken 1:1

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    Hit the Nail on the Head

    The game was absolutely perfect. I couldn't put it down and finished it 27 hours after I purchased it.

    Great job!!

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    only thing i wanna know is does Kain die?

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    I thought that the story was great. That is the prime reason i play the LOK games is im so hooked on the story.

    However i did think the game had a few too many bugs for a released games. enemies getting trapped in doors or falling through the floor.

    In addtion i greatly disliked the camera. In some areas you were completely unable to see where you were supposed to go and had to take blind leaps. Perfect example is when Raz is trying to get into the upper right part of Voradors mansion when he is going to revive Janos. when u shift on the first pillar Your viw of raz is 100% obscurred and you have no idea where you need to go and when u realize it it takes a blind leap and luck to hit the other pillar on the right side.

    The free motion camera of S!1 SR2, BO2 is by far the best way to go.

    Also my last bit of critisism. I thought the game was far too short (Finished the game in less than 8 hours) and far too centered on simply powering up the reavers. It seems like the only thing you really do power the reaver.

    All in All a great game but i think mainly so because of story.

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    I really liked the little snippets of Odzar Midriashim in some of the fight scenes and the prologue. That song is a good choice for Kain

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    LauraOrganaSolo, your review has got to be the best review that I have seen. One of the most enjoyable post that I have ever read. Just thought I would share my thoughts

    Now on to the next actual review.

    I loved the whole game even if the camera did give a nice big close up of a pillar or such just made the game more of a challenge. Really enjoyed the interactive Environments like stuff in vorador's mansion and the stone rails in the sarafan stronghold. The TK was also very enjoyable and a very cool new thing to do in game. I loved it when I was in voradors mansion I had an enemy that I was able to tk into the row of chairs and as it slid I got a nice side shot of it hitting and breaking each one. Like a lot of people have already said many praises to those that put voradors mansion together. It was both beautiful on the inside and outside, as well as the most fun to play in.

    I liked how we got to play as the best looking kain and how each time he used his sword his moves where so dead on as he stepped and slashed. The underworld was also very cool all those screams and voices in the background were so cool and a great addition. I just hope that with these new codes we may get, that there is a way to set the game to refresh the enemies. It was so sad when all the enemies would be gone from a stage. But maybe this is a memory situation or a thing that would have taken more time to but in. As you can tell I don’t know much about making games and computer stuff.

    I realized a large amount of the music. which is ok, if it is true as one member said it was a mix of both the blood omen series and soul reaver series. which I think is good since there may have been those that have not played all the games so now they got to hear something new, It also makes sense since this is the game that brings both raziel and kain together and I am sure it helped bring the game to us quicker since they didn't have to arrange a whole lot of new music.

    The story as always was top notch even if I must admit I am still a little confused, but as long as the games keep coming out this is a good thing since it might make more sense later. oh what a sad day that will be when this series ends. NOOOO! I cant even think that right now.

    I also really loved having a way to access the cut scenes as a part of the menu options . For one that must share the story with everyone I come in contact with this was a lot easier to do than to say “ Sit here as I get to a certain part so I can show you this scene.” The only things I would like to see next time is a way back to the cut scene menu without having to get the title screen, then the game file, then select the cut scene. It would be nice if there was a way to play them all at once or if it would automatically go back to the cut scene selection screen.

    I look forward to seeing how CD is able to top this one and it is no wonder why CD was given the Tomb Raider Series, these people are the BEST!!!!!

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    Hello Everyone.

    My God. Greatest Chapter in the Series. I've been a die hard fan of these games since reading the earliest of previews for Blood Omen in Gamefan many moons ago. This game rocks. There's so much in terms of fan service and story its ridiculous. I loved how you FINALLY get to play as the Uber Kain from the SR games. The fact that they remembered to include little touches like his mist and bat forms were also friggin great.

    Favorite moments are too many to list, but among them...


    Well, I guess I've ranted long enough. Again, Thanks for an excellent game guys! I look forward to the next Kain installment, and keep up the great work!!


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    over all i loved the game however i do have one or two problems the first being the length of the game way to short but that is almost over come by the great story line. the next problem i have with it is the camera system at times it made certain actions very difficult to preform and it sometimes interferes with the combat. however this is over come by the great combat system in the game which is very much so improved over past lok games. the only other complaint is the end but now that i have beat it more than once i understand it better. so that is not a complaint any more ever thing else i loved

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    Thumbs Down

    Sorry everyone but I have to say that this game is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! From reading the threads it looks like everyone thought the story was really great.........if you can actually get to it. I just brought the game and I have to say it ranks right up there with the worst games I've ever played. I've been trying to get out of the cemetary with Raziel for 2 days now and all I have to say is where is the high jump ability. If I had that I could actually reach the platforms to get the Light and Dark soul reaver power-ups so I could get out of the cemetary! I usually rent every game before I buy it to avoid this kind of disappointment, unfortunately I bought this one just because I loved the other games in the series. I guess shame on me for believing that Eidos would deliver on this installment. The camera angles are some of the worst I've ever seen in any game. I will be getting rid of this game at the first opportunity. I can't believe that a series this good could go down hill so far that a person is stuck in a beginning area for 2 days. I have to say that I absolutely hate this game. I would have loved to see how the story came out, but the god aweful game play and camera angles have made it completely impossible to advance the storyline. I'll just read the forums and see how the story came out and rid myself of this terrible title that is unworthy of the license. If there is one thing I learned from this it is that a potentially great franchise can be completely ruined by one subpar game. I guess Eidos will be laughing all the way to bank because I was dumb enough to spend my money on this crappy game. That's ok. I won't buy another of their titles without thoughly checking it out first (if at all). So for anyone who is thinking about buying this game- RENT IT FIRST!!! You'll find out that it just not worth buying.

    A very disappointed fan.

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    Buz Guest
    The plot and voice acting are probably the best I've seen yet and I enjoyed it much more than even the first Blood Omen installment. After completing the game I can say that it was very entertaining to see where the story took me and to finally get my answers. I was also disheartened to see such poor reviews of this game on certain websites, since it was undeserving of such ridicule.

    However, there are many points that review puts forth that I agree with and will (with all love you understand) mention:

    1. First and foremost, while the gameplay is much faster paced that previous installments, and much more entertaining, it is still very much only a vehicle to move the plot around. Though the enemies look different there is no need to fight any of them differently...
    are slightly different, but one still can hack away and be done with it... On a lighter note the reaver spells and TK powers were a fond inclusion in the game, and great steps have been taken in the combat though some of these steps fell right in the pitfalls that many new action games have fallen into these days. I will give advice below for how to escape these.

    2. The camera had faults... I know, I know, ALL cameras have faults these days, but there were times when this one was particularly irretating. The right analog and FPS view was helpful, but more could've been done.

    3. Slight superficial details such as the Dark Chronicle resetting to the main menu when you play a scene was fairly annoying, and I imagine could've been easily fixed with a little more testing.

    That's it... otherwise a great game, not deserving of a 6.9 or whatever it was... certainly no 10 either, no offense, I'd give it a 7.7...
    To fix these problems is simple... The addition of the quick reaver change feature provides an excellent opportunity to create enemies that are immune/absorb certain elements of the reaver and constantly switching the reaver to fight different enemies in one battle could've greatly improved combat. Also a feature of charging the reaver more quickly and keeping the "in combat" charge when you switch reavers could add to the above solution. Angrier, more agressive AI would also have provided a challenge that would improve gameplay.

    As for the camera, apart from fixing minor clipping glitches, adding a feature that makes solid forms transparent when fighting behind them would reduce irritation 10-fold.

    You have here the outline for a truly great game engine... perhaps you merely did not have enough space on the dvd to make too many more changes to combat and keep the in-game cutscenes going, and believe me, I understand... and these criticisms are STRICTLY constructive. I truly enjoyed this game, but I feel no need to overly flatter you, I call it like I see it, and this is what I saw: A great first attempt at a new style of gameplay for this series that ultimately made as many mistakes as it did innovations. I hope to see this engine used again, yet slightly tweaked to create another wonderful installment to this series... No offense was meant in this review, and I wish you the greatest of luck in future games!

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    One word, followed by others.....AWESOME.....Thanks CD. I can remember no other game this fun when I started to play it and that includes the other Legacy of Kain games as well. I thought I might have a hard time with the camera since I really like the style of cameras in games like Mario, Zelda, and past kain games where you can center the camera behind your character at most any time. However, I can say after playing through Kain's first chapter that I will be able to get used to this more quickly than I thought. So far, I really am enjoying it. I am trying to pace myself so I don't play through it in one day or two. I do like the spectral underworld and how they did it, but I could see this getting annoying if one was stuck in there for too long. No wonder the Elder God is insane

    Well, I just want to say thanks to CD and Eidos for this game. I will truly enjoy it and I think it will have some good replay value. One thing I noticed and It may be me. Mobeius' voice work seems a little different. Perhaps the voice actor had a cold or something, or maybe it was his tone that was off. No biggie, just an observation.

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    One of my favorite scenes besides those between Raziel and Kain

    I loved all the cinematics between Raz and Kain, but there was another one that I really liked.

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    C)you guy need to chill out on "this is a plot hole.......EXPLAIN IT"...part of the beauty of a game with time travel as involved as this is that there are no real plot holes....just twists that havent been sure the BO2 designers(damn them for making such a bad game...though i sure as hell couldnt do it) had the whole Vorador issue in mind when they made just wondering how and why:

    the game better not take more than a year or so

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    defiance review

    psm mag gave lok def an eight out of ten but a month ago gave castlevania a 9 i think lok should get at least a 9

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    Great game... BUT....

    Wow... this was SUCH a great game. I finally beat it last night, and my final opinion is this: The camera SUCKS. It very nearly spoils the game at certain points. Also... where the heck are my CG movies? Yes, the in-game engine looks pretty, and maybe if was built exclusively for the XBox, it could have been CLOSE... but nothing is more rewarding than seeing your favorite characters fully rendered...

    Other than those two points, I thought it was a fantastic game, even though I always thought the Blood Omen series (Kain's story) should have remained more RPG-like. With so many CRAPPY story lines becoming movies (Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, House of the Dead), it certainly makes me wonder why the LoK series hasn't seen film yet. Or at least a DVD with all of the CG cutscenes. Other than System Shock 1&2, I think it's the greatest video game story of all time.

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    Ha, been away for a while, but I also posted my glowing review on gfaqs.

    The only things I left out of my review, were the things I missed.
    Glyphs - they were so freaking cool in SR!
    The use of other weapons.
    And a map.

    But I consider this very minor as their absence did not detract from the overall game experience.

    Defiance is, by far, the best video game ever. It was everything I hoped for, expected, and more. I can't thank you enough for this stunning gem!

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