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Thread: Favorite Party Combinations

Favorite Party Combinations

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    mine is





    all level 99

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    Hey all, nice forum. My team is:
    Max, minstrel (never changed in the beginning, too lazy to do others other then to get weapon abilities) lv. 99, all weapons

    Billy, warrior, level 99, swords

    Pan, martial artist, level 99, claws

    EvilStew, sage, level 84 (IN TRAINING!), staff

    Too lazy to revocate, btw.

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    I'm an okay gladiator on my new file, but on my old one, I adventured solo as a level 99 gladiator, revocated a couple of times.

    Gladiators are, in my opinion, probably the best class.

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    From my Nintendo:

    Dana: Lvl 99 Minstrel (+1)

    Josh: Lvl 99 Warrior

    Kelly: Lvl 99 Priest

    Sylvia: Lvl 99 Mage

    And from my Emulator:

    Dana: Lvl 11 Minstrel

    Josh: Lvl 2 Warrior

    Seraph: Lvl 2 Warrior

    Kelly: Lvl 2 Priest

    Just started a game in an Emulator. lol.

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    Amen, I'm an all-out attacker so Gladiators are my favorite too!

    And yeah, Mages are quite useful for enemy groups, and also for a certain DQVI final boss.

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    Gianni - Paladin Level 99
    Sawet - Gladiator Level 99
    Isabella - Sage Level 63
    Raptoras - Armamentalist Level 67
    Going to replace Raptoras with Aquila once I beat that last story quest, any suggestions on what class I should make him?

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    I use the special teeny sanguini from Dragon Quest 9.

    It soo good in my opinion

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