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Thread: Favorite Monster?

Favorite Monster?

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    Favorite Monster?

    Out of all the monsters in the series. Which one or ones are your fav?

    My top monster was always the Killing Machine family, or back when they were called Roboster.

    Close to them are slimes of the likes of Tree Slime, and Tropic Gel.

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    Are there penguin monsters? So far it's the Sacksquatch!

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    I think there may be. but Sacksquatch is definately an awesome monster haha

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    I'm fond of the Sanguini's

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    They are pretty cool. I love the first impression of them being adorable, then when they attack or "go for the jugler" they have crazy rabbid teeth and eyes.

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    My fav is the gustodians or the grrrgoyals

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    That's tough, but I think Abyss Divers are pretty awesome.

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    I have lots of fav monsters have to say slimes are awsome sanguinis are cool and I do love how cruelcumbers die XD

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    Originally Posted by imported_Shelby
    My fav is the gustodians or the grrrgoyals
    True the Gusstodians are pretty awesome! XD

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    i like the kill machine fammily 2 i am also a big fan of the seaslime

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    I personally like the Purrestdigitator. IDK why, they're just ADOWABLE. X3

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    This is an interesting thread, Max ^_^

    For me, I like the "CragDevils" from "Dragon Quest VII" ^.^

    Because the way they stand makes me LOL so much! ^_^

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    drakys or slimes

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    My favs are Watabou, Wildcard, & of course, the true blue mascot of the entire series!

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    Slime Knights~

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    Monster: Metal Slimes and company. I had beaten the full metal family.

    Boss/Grotto Boss: Atlas. Easiest boss everr.

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    I love fighting aganist those powerful red skeletons with the shields in 9! I hope X will bring us new creatures to face. Kinda makes me wish for a class to tame monsters and make them help you like the Joker series did.

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    I enjoy fighting the Night Knights in DQ 9. It was intresting fighting a monster who could block your physical attacks and was not a boss.

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    The sabrecat,

    that was just purrrrrfect.

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    Mine has to be Ultraslimes, they're just so bad ass. I also love the bodkin family.

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    I just adore the Sanguinis!!! All of them are just too cute!!! <3 (Not ashamed to say that in DQ IX, I've done the Muffled Admiration quest numerous times just to get the Sanguini scarves...I know how the guy who gives this to you feels. ^____^)

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    I like the Liquid Metal Slimes the most because of their resilience level and unique rareness! Also, Wanna level fast? Just try to find and srike these guys!

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    I love to search and battle the Liquid Metal Slimes in VIII. Thanks to Yangus ability to Whistle they can draw to battle faster!

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