First is the character creation just as Dragon Quest IX allowed us. As you name you're hero, you're given a class choice, from Knight, Ranger, Mage, Ministrel, Monk, and Martial Artist.

When you finish this creation, you're character, or as we will call him, H, hears a voice, "H...... you are the new guardian." Every 10 years a new guardian is chosen to watch the world in place of the previous one. But the last guardian misused his power, and flooded the world with monsters, terrors, and much more horrifying ordeals. H's father tells H of the Guardian's Legend, and gives H a sword to start H's journey with, but tells H to go inform the king of the situation, H exits his peaceful home, and enters the town of Chaosway, and heads toward the castle and informs the king, and the king has his best knight acommpany H on H's journey, and you shall name the knight, but I will call him P1. As H and P1 exist the caslte, and leave Chaosway, they see many monsters they will have to fight. And this is all I have.