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Thread: New patch! version 49. Fixes a lot and adds benchmarking.

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    Thumbs Up New patch! version 49. Fixes a lot and adds benchmarking.

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    thanks for the link!

    The v.49 patch fixes the following:

    Save game time are now in local time and not GMT.
    Fixed Lightning effects in final battle and hanger.
    Added build version to start screen.
    Changed conversation to use action key.
    Multisampling and post process are no mutually exclusive. (Only possible with DX9.0a or higher)
    Stopped ammunition decreasing too fast.
    Added key remapping for cycle weapons.
    Stopped quick-save from producing empty filenames.
    Fixed incorrect lighting on staticly lit animated objects.
    Stopped failed controller profile from removing existing profiles.
    Added user clip plane support to projected shadows.

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    Here is the rest of the Patch Documentation.

    Loads of command line parameters

    Command Line
    -level= Load Specific Level e.g. "-level=data\maps\paris5_3"
    -selectlevel Level Select Dialog
    -windowed This is unsupported. The desktop colour depth should match the colour depth in the settings.
    -padplayback= Plays back the basic input. When finished the application will end.
    -padrecord= Records the basic inputs until the application finished
    -benchmark= Gives a Benchmark figure at the end of the run. There must be a bin\.pad file, that was recorded using 'padrecord'
    -settings Displays a dialog that allows a user to change there device settings
    -settings_override= Overrides the gfx settings for a predefined subset. Some things are not changed, like resolution. The profile name must be in upper case.
    -mode=xx Overrides the gfx setting's screen mode value. Under Windows98/ME, or any situation where D3D returns a 0 for a modes refresh, the refresh rate is ignored.
    -multisample= Overrides the gfx setting's multisample value. This can be 0, 2-16. A value of 1 is not supported.
    -godmode Sets the power ups to level 10 and gives a selection of guns and ammo

    Benchmark Instructions
    To record a demo of paris1 use the following shortcut:

    Target: "[INSTALLDI]\bin\TRAOD_P3.exe" -padrecord=bin\paris1.pad -level=data\maps\paris1 -debugkeys
    Start in/working directory: "[INSTALLDIR]"

    Once you have run around enough use Alt-F4 to quit recording.
    'paris1' can be swapped for any level name, but you have to change the '-padrecord=?.pad' to the same name.

    To play it back use:

    Target: "[INSTALLDIR]\bin\TRAOD_P3.exe" -benchmark=paris1
    Start in/working directory: "[INSTALLDIR]"

    This will record only the basic input data.
    The debug function keys and other hardwired keys will not be recorded.
    You should not use the menus while recording a benchmark demo.
    '-benchmark' can then be combined with options like '-settings_override', '-mode' and '-multisample' to create different benchmark setups.

    The results of the benchmark will be appended to 'benchmark.csv'.
    This feature is a gift and will not be supported by Eidos Interactive or Core Design.
    Thanks to Anthony Tan from for all the useful feed back on this feature.

    Bugs Fixed V41:
    Stopped Crashes when Keyboard is remapped to selected keys.
    System deadlocks if the correct is not present when playing an FMV.
    System deadlocks or crashes just after loading a level.
    Missing ShotGun.
    EAX Logos incorrect.
    FMV player now supports machines with the VMR9 interface.

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