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    the cleaner

    well someone suggested that i post my little technical problem here...

    ive been playing slowly along on my own free time to enjoy myself

    well tonight i have had an awful time.....a few days back i got to von croys apartment and cue the cleaner no the cleaner is frozen and wont turn off the trip i start back at my saved game on the basement of traps at the furnace which upsets me a little more....finally back in von croys apartment cue the cleaner..............hes frozen

    then to clearify...

    sorry im playing on ps2 and when you go upstairs and the cleaners shoots his own doorway into the room(the wall) then you shoot at him and then he is pose to turn off those lasers so i can do the hall way lasers but he is frozen so he wont trigger those lasers and i cant open the door and i cant go down the hallway

    i already got him from downstairs ive picked up the stick he came in and then froze but i was like score how easy lol
    but now upstairs i need him and he is frozen

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    Unhappy cleaner

    im sorry that sounds awful well im stuck there too im on the playstation though so i dont know what to tell you sorry

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    At the start of this level you are gunless. Guess they were taken when Lara was knocked out.

    Here's a little tip. Pick up the cane, then look near the table. There is ammo and a gun. If you pick up the ammo nearest to you it is unlimited amount until you pick up the gun.

    When the cleaner shots his way through the wall, just keep shooting at him until he runs away and you can proceed with the mission.

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