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Thread: Remake/port?


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    I'm not sure if it's possible as Nintendo is involved in these, they did the localization of DQ6.

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    Well, they can at least make FF6...Nintendo needs to get into making a micro3ds

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    there is a micro3ds, it's called Nintendo 3DS, also just to let you know the 3DS XL fits in pockets

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    whats going to suck about that is grinding for the classes.

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    Please Lord. Please Square-Enix. Let it be news about this game at the E3/Nintendo Direct

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    Every day I type "Dragon Quest VII 3DS America" into google hopes of some news. I am planning on buying a 3DS just for this.

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    this game better come to the u.s! come on square enix!

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    E3 came and went and we STILL have no news on this being localized. Nintendo didn't even bother to get it. Stop making stupid iOS games, Square Enix, and GIVE US DQVII ON 3DS!!!!

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    Can you please re-make this game series. At the very least can you put it on Nintendo's eShop or Virtual Console. I would even buy a PS3 if you put it on the Playstation Network.

    I think this series would generate a nice amount of revenue!

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    ^ this

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    Originally Posted by Mage

    Every day I type "Dragon Quest VII 3DS America" into google hopes of some news. I am planning on buying a 3DS just for this.

    Yeah i've been doing the same, I'm going to try to hold out till the fall, didn't DQIX get announced few months before its release? (hopeing the same effect happens.)

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    Yes, please bring DQ7 remake to 3DS in North America and Europe!

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    Please release them

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    They should just do a pre-order on it. The localisation would be paid off before they even ship!

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    Help! Bring Dragon Quest to the VITA please!

    I sincerely want the following DQ games brought to the VITA:

    DQ V (PS2 version that never saw an English release)
    DQ IX and DQ VII remake (currently DS only)

    Can people in the community please help with the following:

    1. I would like help in contacting someone at Square Enix about this. (Who can I email? What's their email address?)

    2. If you would like these DQ games brought to the VITA will you please post your support here?

    Currently SE is bringing DQ VIII to 'smart phones'... or 'stupid phones' as I and many others call them. Thank you SE for atleast bringing the series to a mobile device. However, I don't own a 'stupid phone' and I don't plan to.


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    Hate to burst your bubble, but it ain't gonna happen. Due to the sales performance of the Wii and DS, Squenix's DQ division considered Nintendo to have "won" the last console generation, so DQ and Nintendo are pretty tight. Surely you've noticed all the most recent DQ games have been released for Nintendo platforms. In fact, the only non-Nintendo platform to see a DQ release is DQX for Windows, and that's only because DQX is an MMO and all MMOs must be available on PC by gaming law. So yeah, sad as it is, not gonna happen.

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    Remake Dragon Quet VIII

    Dragon Quest VIII was the best DQ ever, i played it many times and had always fun.

    Since you made avaiable Finfal Fantasy VIII (still VIII....ahah °W°) on Steam, why don't you do the same with DG8?

    Well i know that the game was avaiable only for consoles and maybe is impossibile release it on pc, but i feel free to ask

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