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Thread: Online - IS it worth it

Online - IS it worth it

  1. #76
    no, its a holding door open job, you cant stop the gas

  2. #77
    well I have to dash ahead of schedule. Sort somthing out for tomorow maybe, but I cant stand around right now. I will check back in the morning.

    Oh and for thos eintersetd int he progress, we got to second level when the ship arroves to get the scientists

  3. #78
    Yep, I remembered it finally.

    I will have a pick at the forum at 10:00 AM tomorrow (British time). Have a good night!

  4. #79
    oh and can I ask those playing the game to be signed into IMs, saves talking in forums
    Most popular in ProE history this is probably. Actualy I havn't a clue if it is.

  5. #80

    MSN: MastahKam
    Yahoo: Ryusennin

    Will see you tomorrow. Suzie, we count on you!

  6. #81
    My apologies for being a no-show last night, comrades. I had a throbbing headache and was kicked off the PC prior to 8 last night by my BRAT of a younger brother (although I had been on the net all day trying to patch Neverwinter *trails off grumbling*)

    With any luck things should be better though, as Bart is now off on camp... however as I write this, I'm getting a demonstration of what could possibly be a very good contender for LOUSIEST CONNECTION EVER...


    You know, this could quite easily be the longest PE thread that's actually managed to stay (for the most part) On Topic...

  7. #82
    Hehe, welcome to the club

    My provider was acting up again this morning, thus I couldn't check whether the General was around or not. Hopefully we can agree on tomorrow morning for another session at 10:00 AM (British time).

    It went quite well yesterday, thanks perhaps to my broadband connection, until we reached the biohazard lab in Level 2 -- sudden split-ups forced us to call it a day after a couple attempts at restarting the level. I hope we'll have better luck next time, because this is great fun. And let's check again that we all have the latest 1.02 patch

  8. #83
    So when to do ProE-game3?

    How would Tuesday 11:00 BST be?
    (if this isnt sorted tonight, better make it day after)

  9. #84
    That suits me pretty well

    See you tomorrow!

  10. #85
    good, migth get some where this time.

    hope suzie reads this in the next hour and a half.

  11. #86
    I'm here, folks

    The server will be ready in a minute or two. Waiting for you!

  12. #87
    I'm on Yahoo if you need to contact me

  13. #88


    Btw, do you know any good UK online discount shop that could sell me a copy of PE? And that would ship it in the European Union too?

    Bye for now!

  14. #89
    could try Ebay.

    Well that session didnt go brilliant, particulay with my IP prob. I thionk next time we find the prob we should not bother with save games and just pick a difernet level to play on, less chronological way of playing. Are any MP maps cooperative insted of death match by the way?

  15. #90
    So, time for game 4?
    Tomorow same time?

  16. #91
    Sounds good to me.

    11am, right?

  17. #92
    I'm on for it

  18. #93
    note to future. Don't try setting up servers on 56k

  19. #94
    Unless you enjoy pain, of course.

  20. #95
    are we going to make another attempt?

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