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Thread: Online - IS it worth it

Online - IS it worth it

  1. #51
    @ general:


    How's everybody patchwise? Did you all apply the latest patch?

    (sorry for double post, too lazy to edit :P)

  2. #52
    I have 56k. Suzie, would you like to start a server this time? Might have better luck

  3. #53
    I have patch.
    Suzie, going to set up a server. i'll go and wait.

  4. #54
    I have patch 1.02 (the latest I think).

    i could try hosting the game since I have cable modem (if that's not poetry!).

  5. #55
    OK. IP as previously posted -

    (I'm 56k too, and my ISP hates me, so this may not go as well. who knows.)

  6. #56
    ok, whos settign up a server, when and whats the IP.

    BTW, everyone here have an IM? better than talking in forum

  7. #57
    I'll try a server:

    Just give me a few seconds

    ICQ: 124962455

  8. #58
    msn - suziemq
    aol - suziecroft2002
    yim - suziemq
    I do have icq but don't trust it

  9. #59
    that did not bode well. Major leauge lag and freezing followed by a big crash at my end. Plus I have to go now.
    Unless you two are going to continue I suggest we try again tomorow an hour sooner

  10. #60
    No problem, that's fine with me :P

  11. #61

    Since the largest users of the net are our American cousins, may it not be a bad idea to try at a time when they are less likely to be clogging up the system? No offence meant to any Americans. But, The net does have a noticeable slowdown. So, maybe the best time would be weekday daytime/morning. Of course this is only if everyone can make it, I appreciate not everybody is a big lazy sponging couchpotato like myself

    Anyway, night all. And, will try for 8 tomorrow. Mum's going to kill me. Ah, well. ^_^

  12. #62
    Well it shouldnt be that much of a problem. Some time before 3 would be good to avoid California breakfast time which is a big killer, before 12 would help again for the rest. If tonight dosnt work we should try morning on another day, does anyone do anything during weekdays here? Somthing like a job?

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    whos setting up the server?

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    Since I'm on broadband, I shall give a try at hosting the server tonight. Morning sessions aren't a bad idea at all, the net should be less crowded before midday. For the next week, it should be OK with me. I'm doubtful about the following weeks though, my working hours will certainly vary.

    My IP address should stay the same for quite some time:

    See you at 20:00 (21:00 Paris time)

    [Edit] My Yahoo ID is ryusennin.

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    Ok then, all

    Well, I'm good for just about any morning between here and October. Yup, school ended back in June and I'm currently waiting on exam results before I head off for Uni. There's one week in August that might be a problem, but aside from that, both weekdays and weekends (though less weekends, because everyone else is home then, too), but aside from that...

    See you tonight, folks

  16. #66
    I'll be waiting.

    (I am ok from here till september 24/7. So we all have pleanty of time then)

  17. #67
    I'll be a little late. Fear not, I expect to come back at 20:30.

  18. #68
    well do say when you return
    I hope this time round we do better.

  19. #69
    Good evening, team mates

    The server is running!

  20. #70
    i'm going on.

  21. #71
    We're online Suzie. Check the IP above if you want to join

  22. #72
    split game seasm to be a big problem, I supose the reason there no patch for it is becasiue this is the first online game.

    Do you think Core will put out a patch?

  23. #73
    I restarted the server

    I doubt Core will release another patch for PE. But there have been two patches already in the past for the game. Did you install the latest one (1.02) ?

  24. #74
    [yes I have the latest patch]

    dam thing disconnected and crashed. luck there was no split that time

  25. #75
    Strange thing happened. Amber is supposed to enter the hazard room and hold the other door, which is supposed to deactivate the gaz. But it obviously didn't. We should try again, hope the save state is working...

    Restarting the server!

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