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    In all honesty, Kingdom hearts II is by far the best one out of the series. When the others came out, the series just went down hill...

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    "Best" is relative. If your particular definition of "best" is "easiest" or "most linear," then yes, it was the "best." However, I myself consider Kingdom Hearts 2 to be the worst game in the series by far, and the games that came afterwards saved the series for me because they were so much better. Kingdom Hearts 2 had absolutely no exploration, nothing to collect, no challenging fights, no side quests, a control scheme and combat system that actually punished you if you tried to do anything other than mash the x button in a fight, and while the story was really good, it couldn't compare to the first game and couldn't even hold a candle to chain of memories. In fact, the only game in my opinion with a weaker story than 2 was Re:Coded. In my opinion, Birth by Sleep is the "best" game in the series, with a story equaled only to chain of memories and gameplay rivaled by none.

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    I disagree, Birth By Sleep had an okay story, but didn't push the main story forward in any useful way. That whole game could have been a BluRay put into a special edition boxset in KH3 and it would be much better. The Worlds in it were lame for the most part and small, and all you got to play throughout the game is the three characters (and not even that long). My favorite (although a VERY flawed beginning of the game) would have to be Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. If you get past all the tutorial stuff, then the small maps open, beat all the worlds once and HUGE maps open for all the Worlds. Getting to that part may be a bit of a hassle, but once you're there the game is perfect. The game also fills in some HUGE gaps in between the first and second games so the story is very interesting and while maybe it doesn't exactly push it forward, it does answer the questions we had in KH2. Also, the character selections were massive. I think you could be like 15 characters in the game, including Sora, granted you have to beat the game first, but the story is definitely worth a second playthrough. (Plus, you keep your items, so playing through the game a second time is a breeze, and you can just sit back and enjoy the story.)

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    I also liked Days a lot, but only for the story. I'm just personally not a fan of mission-based anything. And I have to strongly disagree with your comment about Birth by Sleep's story! BBS is the basis for everything that has happened in the handheld games as well as much of 1 and 2 and all of the games to come. It didn't push the story forward, per say. It MADE the story. Without it none of the other games would make any sense!

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    well in Honesty KH2 vastly improved combat from one since the camera didnt jump into a wall and you didnt micro manage the item menu's andthe form drives and Limits opened up the game idea for Birth by Sleep's drives...It has to progressivly get better but sole exeption of RE:coded which didnt do much for either gameplay nor story... the introduction of reaction commands was awesome since in 1 our hammering the X button...

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    KH2 improves the camera and the controls as well as the menu systems from the first game and made the combat a lot easier and more fluid if you chose the sword and played through the game only mashing the "x" button, but it put you at a vast disadvantage if you wanted to focus on magic, especially early in the game. Final Mix fixed that mistake though with the abilities granted in Critical Mode, as well as nearly every other problem with the original version. In summary,

    KH2 ------ -20

    KH2FM -- Over 9000

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    Originally Posted by Roxas the Masculine

    KH2 improves the camera and the controls...

    Final Mix fixed that mistake...

    Yeah, that camera definitely needed the treatment it got in KH2, but I agree that it was too easy and lacked variety in terms of a combat system.

    I never played Final Mix, but I hope we all get the chance to on our PS3s very soon.

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    Everyone so far has made valid points. I enjoyed all the KH games. There were things about them I liked and disliked. I can't say that KH2 was the "best," but it was my favorite because of the story and battle system/forms. HATE THE DAMN SINGING THOUGH!!! Plus it wasn't on a handheld. BBS was F'n great. I would have been my fave it was on PS2 or PS3. It could have been expanded more. In my opinion BBS was the best.

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    Originally Posted by KaiZaneSon
    In all honesty, Kingdom hearts II is by far the best one out of the series. When the others came out, the series just went down hill...
    "Went downhill" is the understatement of the century, the way I see it Kingdom Hearts was pelting the * up that hill at Ussain Bolt speed, then arrived at the top of the hill with a new world record time as Kingdom Hearts II. Upon realizing its awesomeness at conquering that massive hill it let out a war cry and accidentally tripped on a conveniently placed comedic prop banana skin. It tumbled down that hill hitting into logs, branches, thistles and a randomly places hornets nest. At this point it was every other Kingdom hearts game between re:chain of memories and re:coded merged into one ugly falling blob. After some time its broken battered body had reached the bottom of the hill. It rolled for a bit before attempting to crawl it off and collapsing face-down in some dog mess, this was Dream Drop Distance.

    Yea, I absolutely loved KHII, to me every game that came after it did it no justice, Dream Drop Distances 'Time' element was among the worst inclusions of all. It just shows they couldn't be bothered to offer a decent explanation of things, so just decided to throw in a time element because paradoxes are apparently the duct tape to fix all plot holes.

    P.S. You may notice I chose to omit Chain of Memories, which came between KH1 and KH2, I did this purely because the story wouldn't be anywhere near as fun.