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Multiplayer in an RPG

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    As many of you already know, Secret of Mana introduced a concept - multiplayer gaming in an RPG. Someone could plug in a controller, hit Select, and instantly take over one of your party members. Did you guys ever participate in this with a friend, and how do you feel about the idea in general?

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    some games benefit from co-op play and some don't. It bugs me when a character who has, in past games, been a loner suddenly has a convenient "partner" added to the story for the purpose of co-op.

    That doesn't mean that some games don't do it well. I like the co-op play that we have so far seen in the Kingdom Hearts titles, and portal 2 as well... and even Mass Effect 3 (which recieved a lot of hate for adding a co-op mode, when it was actually a fun mode to play, even if it got tiresome after repetition). I would also love to see co-op play in a game like Skyrim (but NOT an elder scrolls mmo, this is not what I mean at all).

    On the topic of mmo's, this is a topic I can talk a lot about... I both love and hate mmos. MMO's try to lower the standards on your character by making him or her an average soldier, in order to keep all the players at the same level. This RUINS the sense of heroism you can get from a single player game. It is further ruined by the fact that everyone either wears the same armor (the best available at any given time) or the same or similar cosmetic appearances (everyone wants to be a badass, so they wear the clothes that the badasses wear in the single player games.. but everyone else is wearing it too!). I hate this aspect of multiplayer in games. I love the feeling that I am overpowered or, even if the game is tough (which I also enjoy), at least the feeling that I am the bloody hero here. Take Mass Effect 2... despite complaints of its dumbed down combat and formulaic approach to story, the end of the game... when you are blasting out of the Collector base with the epic loud music playing... makes you feel like GOD. Multiplayer needs to find a way to keep that element.

    Drop-in drop out co-op play is tricky. Never played secret of mana but I guess it is played similarly to Legacy of Y's or Zelda, in which case I don't mind the other player in my party. FF4, 5, and 6 also had similar multiplayer aspects (in their psx versions) but in a combat system like that, it doesn't encourage cooperative play... it just takes control away from the player by giving half of his party to another. Same with Valkyrie Profile 2, which was better than FF co-op because of timing the combos, but not nearly as fun as playing alone.

    TL;DR: it works for some games and doesn't for others.

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    The multiplayer featured in Secret of Mana was pretty harmless. It was fun just having a friend (or a brother, in my case) who could also participate in a genre that puts so much focus on individual play. I mean, people made a big deal when it was featured in Tales of Symphonia. But then they forgot the originators. I didn't forget.

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    Hum hello all, first of all Jallan if you have the time, you should try Secret of Mana, its a very fun game, and the story is fun too!

    About SoM Co-op, i find it very interesting, like it doesnt takes your fun by half if another one is using another character, it just adds more, I really liked it. Even though its hard to find someone nowadays, that wish to play it(co-p), if you find one you will enjoy it!

    And since the caracters(auto-mode) sucks, since ur playing alone u need to quick change chars to make combos, and is so annoying when playing and the other is fooling around(dying LoL) that when you play it on co-op it makes more fun to do combos together!

    And that feeling to wait your friend so you can finally play so no one is missing the story is great! Today its hard to do this in games!

    For me SoM co-op was really simple but fun, it worked for me!

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    Lol I like that the multiplayer feature is there, even though I never use it. The "plug-in controller and P2 controls a party member in battle" is in alot of Tales of games as well. I've only managed to convince people to play a Tales of game with me twice, but it was very fun having a 2 person RPG :3

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    PLAYER VS PLAYER Online Would be cool but i never did see that in final fantasy and i probably would never see.