Thread: This is sad...

This is sad...

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    Unhappy This is sad...

    Project Eden is a great game, and look how pitifully empty this forum is! Are there really only about four people in the world who enjoy this game (nice to meet you, Suzie, General, Mangar, Defender, et al.)

    The AOD forum is a hive of activity, but most of that is just *****ing about how bad the game is. So does the lack of activity here mean people like the game and have nothing to moan about, or does it just mean the game is old and no one cares about it anymore?

    Damn, that's what I thought.

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    The game was good, but no one knew about it. This forum was never busy to begin with, although this is very sad.

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    Eden was a great game, but there was virtually no PR or promotion, so not a lot of people knew about it.

    Plus, it was made by Core (the same peeps who make TR) and since TR bashing is fashoinable (and, since Chronicles and AoD, forgiveable - nay, understandable) people judged it by Lara and not by itself (I think).

    And no, this forum was never too busy. In all the world so far, there are only two PE released fanarts! By this point in Lara's time however... NR was already alive and well... not sure if that's a good thing or not, mind... :/

    And, doesn't it say it ALL that 90% of the posts in the AoD forums are *****ing and whining? /sighs

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    Maybe Core should try to rerelease it in some sort of specil edition, boost the graphics etc to get it upto modern standerds then release with better PR?

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    I doubt they'd think it was worth their time (financially I mean).

    Besides, what's wrong with Eden's gfx? I think they're fine as they are. Sure they're no Unreal Tournament or Doom III, but they hold their own.

    And they're a heckuvalot better than AoD's.

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    I dont dispute that but there is always more that can be done, particualy to a sci-fi genra game. And I dout it would hurt much financialy to relaunch an existing game. They hardly have to do much, just stick a specil edition tsicker on the front and do a bit to tweaking. The multiplayer could be enhanced a bit.

    That reminds me, once I deicded to try online but I found no one to play against/with. Maybe for those who have the game if we can arrange a time when were all online and play through a few levels?

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    That sounds like a cool idea.

    I call Minoko

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    I am still playing my way through Eden, and loving it. But I think the silence on this forum can be attributed to a few factors:

    1. As everyone said, marketing sucked and the game never really took off. Lukewarm reviews in some major publications didn't help. (though there are some great reviews for it online.)

    2. The game is old, and there are no rumors of a sequel. Let's face it, a lot of people have moved on now and are playing other things. Not much point in discussing a game they completed a couple of years ago.

    3. Lack of character. I don't know why, but Andre, Carter, Amber and Minoko seem to be merely tools used to get a job done, whereas a character like Lara Croft seems more three-dimensional. It's easier to care about Lara, and to see her as something beyond just a set of polygons, and this leads to better discussions. After I finish a session of PE, I may still think about the puzzles and the locations, but I rarely give much though to the characters (other than how they can be used to solve a puzzle.) In spite of that, I really do think PE is superior to TR in many respects (maybe BECAUSE the focus is more on gameplay and less on character... who knows?) But I like TR a lot too.

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    I have yet to finish it, myself...

    Not bad so far, though.

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    Hi everyone! I absolutely loved this game & wish they would make a sequel. I hadn't heard of it at all but just browsing at the game store, I came across it & thought it looked good so I purchased it & was so glad I got it! This game is not one that I would normally trade in. I know I'll play it again. I like TR too, but this game is unique.

    This is an interesting article concerning recent news of Jeremy Heath-Smith (Executive Producer of Core).

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    ::Mental Note - Go out and buy ProjectEden Like i was going to when it came out all that time ago!!

    ::Mental Note - Find out if Maggie still uses the Forum
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    That's sad to hear about Maggie. I remember her on this forum when I first got PE-- very helpful, friendly person.

    On a happier note, the local Gamestop in my neighborhood is selling PE for $1.99!! So if anyone out there is remotely interested in playing an intelligent, well-done, bug-free (as far as I can tell) action adventure, you have no excuse now. Go out and buy it and then come to this forum and keep it alive!

    I'm still working my way through PE after a long hiatus, and I've just reached The Zoo last night.

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    Unhappy It's bad to hear about Maggie

    As I said above, it's sad to hear about Maggie's passing last December. I am a newcomer to these boards, but I plan to be around for some time. I put up a post about a problem I have with my game (I played it forever on the PS2 and just bought it last Monday at a Gamestop for $1.99 (I laughed when you posted that above)) that you hardcore PE board-people might wanna check out (it's a sad problem indeed). Just wanted to say hi and how ya doin', there's a new PE boarder in town!
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    I'm sure Maggie would have liked this:

    We had a little running joke - I wish I hadnt been away so long now. Next time im in town Ill find a PC version of Project Eden!!!

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    My heart's bleeding. I'm a half-year late, but anyway, thank you Mags...

    I came to love this game partly thanks to your dedicated and inexhaustible help. Now Project Eden has got totally invaluable. The atmosphere is fantastic, the gameplay rocks, the immersion is absolute. And I can feel your spirit soaring high above the filth of Eden now.

    Sweet dreams, my friend...!