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Thread: FFXI - Questions and Help

FFXI - Questions and Help

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    It also gave me a key for the game but when I go to your site to register the key it would seem the key formats you accept and the one I was given are completely wrong.

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    Unhappy cant log into POL

    ive been away from ffxi for 3 yrs and i keep getting an error "this xbl user has not enabled chat & messaging"
    i dont remember getting that error before.

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    anyone with 360 & still plays FFXI? need help

    Does anyone with 360 have any ideas or help on how i can get back online to FFXI?
    ive been away for 3 years keeping account active during that time to get life straightened out
    and tried logginmg into to POL & get error "This XBL user has not set up chat & messaging"
    ive dont remember getting that error before

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    Final Fantasy 11 help needed

    Hey guys,

    I recently bought the collector's edition of the game and have been playing the game anew, and it's been working great after I got more familiar with how to use the graphic options in the game. However, I have only one issue. Certain characters render bright with a double image that appears jagged, mirroring their movements like an after-image. I've seen this on summons, Prishe and Lion Trust NPCs and the moogles by Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens. Does anybody have any idea what is wrong?

    Those are screenshots I took. You can somewhat tell something looks weird, especially when you see the moogle pretty much rendering through my arm, but it's really more noticeable when the characters are moving.

    I tried customer service and they basically told me I have to figure it out myself, even though I already spent money on their product and they didn't even try and help me. Nice, right?

    Any feedback would be great, thanks!

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