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    I'm having the same issue pleaaaaaaase help

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    Hi there :]

    I'm actually facing a similar issue, I'm trying to sign up for Play-Online through signing into my Square-Enix Accout. The "Play Online ID to Sqaure-Enix account" feature has me at a disatvantage. I have typed my pass in correctly and it refueses to let go and do the next step.

    on the site page it says:

    "Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System.
    Please enter your Square Enix ID and password."

    and after I put my pass in correctly it says the following:
    "ID or password is incorrect."

    However I've even changed my pass after the first attempt to see if the pass was working right on the page (here)

    Which it does and It still wont give me even the time of day and actually work w/the right password.

    In case you wondered I'm following the steps given as well and I don't have any "one-time passwords, at all.

    Here is the page link for the steps for a "transfer link":

    @OP: This is a bummer. We both want to play the game and cant, yet. I hope this issue gets resolved.

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    Yeah thats exactly what i'm dealing with, trying to get a hold of support at the moment.

    Maybe we can meet up ingame if we ever get it to work xP

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    So the issue is that this site IS NOT the site where you need a SE account -.-

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    They pulled the plug on all the servers for FFXI and FFXIV as far as i know. they won't be back up until the release of A realm reborn. sorry guys . Im also mad cause i really wanted to play FFXIV. Have to wait for 2-6 months though.

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    I would recommend you to give customer support a call.
    [Direct Line] 310-846-0345

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    Looking for this site?

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    The problem you are experiencing may be that the account you are logging in to is not a "SQUARE ENIX Account". Allow me to kinda explain, and please bear with me if this gets confusing:

    SHORT VERSION: Make sure you have a proper SQUARE ENIX Account. You can check on this by going to and use the login and password that you use on this site. If it doesn't work, that means you need to create an account there.

    To try to put it as plainly as possible, if you signed up here at, and tried using that ID on the SE Account page, it will not work, as the two are seperate (sort of).

    If you have not created an account on the SE Account page (, then you have to make one to be able to play FFXI, FFXIV:ARR, or other SQUARE ENIX online titles.

    Also note that once you create an SE Account, you can then use that ID and password here on this site as well, you'll just have to wait 24 hours before logging in with your SE Account USERNAME and PASSWORD.

    I do apologise if this seems confusing, but I hope this helps solve your problems!

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    Originally Posted by imported_Ryan
    Just recently purchased FFxi for Xbox360(A little late, I know.)

    Anyhow, I am trying to log into the account I made, but it keeps telling me that i am entering the incorrect Member ID or passwpord, but I am not.
    I have tried eveything. I've deleted, and remade the account many times. I get as far as linking the account to my xbox gamer profile, but once I go to connect it tells me the info is not correct. If someone can please help me, I would be eternally grateful.
    Please refer to THIS POST.

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    Yeah I'll add you here so we can play :]


    No it's not that you are downright confusing, SE's PLay-Online stuff is. This is the only login setup ever, that I have found to be a pain to understand.

    I originally guessed that it is seperate from the accounts here but there is just no indication of that, just a confusing page layout.

    The page I'm talking of is this:

    Which is where Play-Online itself takes you for registration.

    Then I click the "Transfer PlayOnline ID to Square Enix account"

    and then brings me here:

    Where I could not sign-in w/the login ID and pass from here.

    I hope signing up for another account allows me to use my current username (here).

    Or this will really suck for me.

    [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cool.gif[/img] Thank you Dekkarra!

    *Edit: now its saying I need a content Id, I've set everything up correctly and linked my accounts. What do I need to do now???

    I will be contacting support if I can't resolve this here.

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    Originally Posted by Hasteintime
    *Edit: now its saying I need a content Id, I've set everything up correctly and linked my accounts. What do I need to do now???

    I will be contacting support if I can't resolve this here.

    A "Content ID" is the name for a character slot. In the SE Account Management system these are called "Options" (Again, more confusion, as the terms don't match). Here's how to get one:

    When logged into the SE Account Management page choose "Select Service" > "PlayOnline/FINAL FANTASY XI" > "Options List" > "Add new options"

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    That worked!

    You know I suggest that SE needs a Guide here for new registrants. From Regsitration to downlaod, install and setup. Just saying I'd be nice.

    I've gotten into Cerberus (server) and created a character named Ciddane based off the ever popular Cid, that seems to get reincarnated everytime in FF, somehow. I've enjoyed the game and I hope to build a house, I hear you can get or create one anyway, but that will be for another topic outside this thread on the FFXI forums.

    Thanks again!


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    No, this is bull, it shouldn't be this hard to get a PlayOnline username. I refuse to call some Indian guy on a help line just for something like this.

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    i am having the same issue and no matter what route i take square enix and playonline respectivly will not work with me

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    I purchased the Final Fantasy XI which included registration codes for Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasure of Aht Urhgan. On my Square Enix account I have properly added these service options, but when I go in th eOnline Viewer, and try to play the game it does not know that I have these content ids. When I follow the instructions above, under Navigator, Handle List, I use the handle that I created for my profile and there is no content id listed under content id list and none show up under Link either.

    Am I missing something or was this game made way too complex for a Final Fantasy XIII fan?

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    Last night while in Port Jueno I was disconnected from ffxi automatically, I don't recall the exact disconnect message but it's one I've seen before, so I thought nothing of it.

    This morning I can still login into POL and reach the end and click on the last Play button but recieve message about not having an active Content ID for FFXI. I click the OK button, then I go and click on Review ID from POL but see a message to log into the Square Enix Account Management System but the instructions seem incomplete, it reads "After logging ino the Square Enix Account Management System, please select from the screen, and perform procedures from there". the same message appears if I click on Reactivate ID. Notice the space after "select", so it seems incomplete.

    I login into my online account as instructed but I don't see an option to review my content ID.

    I haven't seen this problem before and I've been playing ffxi since NA launch. My credit card I've been using all these years hasn't changed. Please help. Thank you .

    Update: It's the clickandBuy account that needs me to update my cc info, I've started the process and will take...a few days -_-

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    Need help pls, on game purchase!!

    Hi everyone, i'm pretty new around here. i've just made two purchases (below). However, i've receive no email or link to download them? Can anyone shed some light on what should i do to download them? Thank you so much!

    FINAL FANTASY® XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition [PC DOWNLOAD]

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    Contact [FINAL FANTASY XI Customer Service]

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    thanks for directing. had send the ticket to the url link. Waiting to get an reply soon.

    While waiting, if anybody had any experienced purchasing PC-downloadable product from here, could you share your experiences on how did you manage to do your downloading?

    thank you.

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    I'm unable to find the download link/button after I purchased the FINAL FANTASY XI: ULTIMATE COLLECTION SEEKERS EDITION, PC download. Can anyone help me?

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    I'd recommend that you contact [FINAL FANTASY XI Customer Service]

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    FFXI Abyssea Edition: SEM Points?

    Hello, earlier last year i bought the FFXI Abyssea Edition via Steam, i wonder if there is a way for me to get points for the game since was not bought via the SE store but Steam.

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    No. You will not be rewarded Square Enix Members points for a Steam version of any game.

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    Oh that makes sense, gotta love showin our support then not feel the love because they got paid but it was thru via a middle man.

    +1 to fan factor level!

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    Cant get a POL ID

    Hi I recently bought FFXI from steam I have the game codes and stuff its been awhile since I played, I don't know how to get POL ID though i got my square enix account setup how would I get my POL ID. Ive been trying for awhile cant figure it out helpp please!

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