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Final Fantasy 4 on Android

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    I was wondering if we could get an exact date on when Final Fantasy IV would come out on android. I know its suppose to be 2nd quarter 2013 but this close i would hope to have an exact date.

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    Dec 2013

    I also like to know when FFIV will be out on Android.

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    Still no word on this I'm guessing.
    Disappointing, I really want to play this on my phone

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    Same here.

    There's one more month of spring left and FFIV really needs to be on Android anytime soon! C'mon Square Enix!

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    please square enix at least say something =(. the longer i wait the more i think about downloading it for free

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    Look like FFIV is finaly out on Google play

    Now I just hope that FFV doesn't take long time like FFIV.

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    I was just about to buy when i noticed the reviews, seems that rooted devices are blocked.

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    So when it be out on Amazon's App Store?

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    A Kindle Fire version has not been announced at this time.

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    FINAL FANTASY IV on Google Play

    FINAL FANTASY IV out now on Android devices