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Thread: Frozen Lara

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    I froze twice so far, and in the beginning, my PS2 wouldn't read the game 9something that has never happened to me before). I kept reseting, but it didn't work. I took it back, got another one and it worked fine, other than the freezing and sudden jumping when I didn't tell her to jump.

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    ... You will be shocked how far better it is than your outdated PS2... (for comparison, the PS2 runs a 733MHZ processor... compared to Intels's P4 3000Mhz, it's even worse than crap...
    Outch..! The XBox is running a 733Mhz processor (Pentium I, 32Bit). The PS/2 is running a 128Bit "emotion engine"!

    The freeze could be simple a damaged game disk, DVD ppl know this. That happens. Exchange the game disk. Your dealer should help.

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    And to BkBaby999: Eidos doesn`t make games. Core and other companies make them. bad

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    Well, look at it this way - when PS3 comes out, it will probably play it really great.

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    the freeze probably is caused by a damaged disc, cos if you listen when playing you can hear the game constantly streaming data from the dvd.

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    i had the game freeze on me only once. in the Lights at the club i think it was because all the RAM was being used up. i had it happen on GTA3 and and MGS:SOL after i restart no problem. iv seen a LAG spike when running around smoke.

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    in the lights at the club is where mine froze. I was standing on top of the lights that where moving up and down
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    i face this problem Many time. all Graphics stop at once .

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