Welcome to Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta 2012!
I'm posting this for RK since he's unable. The event is now accepting pre-registrations!

The fiesta starts Sunday, June 17.

Like last year the fiesta has its own homepage at www.letsplaying.com/FF5FF and its own Twitter account @FF5ForFutures

What is it?
You play Final Fantasy Five, the best Final Fantasy game. The only difference is, you are allowed only four jobs, one from each crystal. And they are randomly assigned to you. When you beat Exdeath, your picture must show all four of those jobs being used to qualify you as a winner.

Or, this year, there is hard mode. (Use #reghard instead of #reg.)

What's hard mode?
Every time you unlock a new crystal you will get a new job from any of your currently available jobs! Including duplicates! You may never proceed beyond Wind Crystal jobs! You could get multiple Berserkers! Newcomers to the Fiesta are welcome to sign up for hard mode, but remember, you can end up with anything!

EXTRA RULE: If your Wind Crystal Job is White Mage and you are having troubles, you may use ONE FREELANCER until the water jobs. If you are playing Hard Mode, however, this is discouraged.

Could you give a detailed version of that?
As you play Final Fantasy Five, jobs are unlocked at certain parts of the game. The wind crystal, water crystal, fire crystal and earth crystal. When you unlock the wind, water, fire and earth crystal jobs, send a tweet to @FF5ForFutures with #wind, #water, #fire or #earth respectively. You will then be informed of your new job!

What versions of FF5 are acceptable?

What if I have never played FF5 before?
It’s cool, you can still sign up.
This isn't the recommend way to play the first time. But, no one is stopping you from trying.

How do I sign up?
Make a tweet to FF5ForFutures containing #reg or #reghard. And then wait. The fiesta starts June 17th.

What if I don’t get any tweets back?
Gilgabot works on a schedule and will respond to tweets when it is able. Should ten or fifteen minutes go by, don’t resend the tweet, but let RevenantKioku know. He’ll look into it and if something is really gunked, manually set you up. It just may take a while if that is the case, but it shouldn’t be.

I don’t want to play, but I want to watch!
Feel free to check out the site and look at the logs of everyone, or the players individually. There will surely be livestreams, YouTube videos and even a few people making their own unique works here in this very thread.

What’s with that donation box?
Once again this year, the FF5FJF is being played for Child’s Play! You don’t need to donate to play, of course, but your contribution, players or no, is appreciated!
The donation period will be from June 1 to August 31. Ideally, you will want to beat the game within that time. But if you don’t, don’t worry! The site will remain operational until for a good while after that, although most of the fanfare will likely have cooled down.

Still using Twitter? Isn't that so 2008?
Gilgabot loves you. And remember, using Twitter does not give any of your personal information to anyone. If you insist on having your account set to private, let Gilgabot know so he can follow you back. You must also follow Gilgabot for it to work. There are some cool things in store this year that Twitter support is helping to allow.

But a thread is better to chat in!
Feel free to discuss your progress here! You can send a tweet to Gilgabot with the URL and the hashtag #up to share it with people who visit the main site.

I have a question!
Send a tweet to @FF5ForFutures and you will be answered as soon as possible! Or leave the question here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

What's new in 2012?
A whole lot!

Tweet #pledge and what you pledge to Gilgabot and it will be logged on the site for everyone to see!
@FF5ForFutures I #pledge $1 for every winner!
@FF5ForFutures I #pledge $1 for every winner and an extra dollar for every hard mode winner!
@FF5ForFutures I #pledge $10 for every crystal I get!

And so on. Of course we cannot make you honor your pledge and we understand things happen. But remember that it is great motivation and for a great cause!

Hard Mode
Detailed above. Essentially, you could end up with White Mage, White Mage, White Mage, White Mage. Or Thief, Berserker, Berserker, Bersker. Or even get something like a normal run.

I FORGOT MY JOBS! OKAY I'LL JUST TWEET #myparty to Gilgabot and he'll tell me what I unlocked so far!
If, for some reason, you really don't want to visit the beautiful site that there is.

rk's Run
Starting June 15, RevenantKioku is going to live stream his run. But Gilgabot is not in charge of his fate this year. You are!
Go to www.letsplaying.com/FF5FF/rkrun.php and select the jobs you want rk to use. Then select a donation (if any) and press submit. You must have a twitter account to make the tweet. Just tweet what comes up after submitting.
If you don't donate your vote counts once. If you do donate you add 1 vote for each donated dollar.
Donating is separate from voting. Once finished tweeting your vote, go to ChipIn, make your donation and when you donate add your twitter handle in the comment box. You can also add what you voted for to be doubly sure. Once it is confirmed that your donation went through your extra votes will be tallied.
Why not just give him the hardest jobs?
Here's the rub! rk will start live streaming his marathon on June 15. When he finishes the Fiesta starts! Of course, if he doesn't finish by June 17 it'll start anyway. But if his jobs are easier, the fiesta begins sooner! Plus, some job combinations will be funnier than others. And the hardest combo isn't really decided upon.
Why isn't he doing hard mode?
Because he doesn't want to be play Thief, Berserker, Berserker, Berserker.